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Enjoy the Valencia Collection, the most attractive and elegant design

Dinara shangerey

Posted on September 03 2021

Disfruta de la Colección Valencia, el diseño más atrayente y elegante


If you want to better organize your bedroom, that is, in an aesthetically radiant way, in this article we offer you our Valencia NordicStory Collection

Your bedroom is a place where you can have an environment that reflects your state of mind after a long working day and have a good night's sleep. This very personal space is like an essential refuge to disconnect the mind and body and recharge. 

On average, approximately 71% of people sleep with their mobile phone or leave it next to the bed. 3% of people usually sleep with their mobile in hand. Of course it is an extreme. Surely, these people are not aware of the destructive volume of electronic devices on the quality of sleep. 

To properly define your room, one of the necessary objects is your nightstand. There you could include: an alarm clock, a bottle with water, a notebook with a pen, put your mobile on it, since it is difficult for us to live without this device and place a lamp with a low intensity bulb and warm light in case you want to read something before sleeping. In ours solid oak side tables and bedside tables it is very convenient to keep all your necessary belongings in order and not to search in a hurry glasses, a ring or earrings, medications according to special health conditions or personal care products. A small battery-operated hand-held flashlight can also be counted on in the time of emergency. 


Valencia oak solid wood bedside table


This bedside table is made of solid oak wood in natural oak tone and has an elegant design. The drawer provides ample space to store small items and keep them organized and close at hand. The table is robust of high quality, is very durable, easy to maintain and is easy to care with the tung oil


Valencia solid oak wood chest of drawers


The good storage cabinet named after the solid oak wood chest of drawers "Valencia". It is the ideal piece to put in the dining room because it has the necessary space to combine an auxiliary lamp, a sculpture, several plants, supported paintings or even a mirror, and also the photos. This storage piece gives a lot of noble play and blends in well in the bedroom.

 Valencia oak solid wood wardrobe


El solid oak wardrobe from our collection Valencia with elegant geometric motifs, it consists of two doors whose interior distribution has 6 shelves, a hanger for hangers, it has a space necessary to organize your wardrobe, designed to store clothes and things.  

The great rest that is to come with our bed in authentic solid Valencia oak wood

The most outstanding piece in the bedroom is the bed in two shades in natural oak and bleached, with a headboard combines the elegance of straight lines in the middle, Scandinavian style. 

With the Valencia collection it is very easy to get a personalized bedroom with your best clothes thanks to the elegance that marks the original style, isolating our head from direct contact with the walls. Because high quality, class and simplicity go hand in hand.

La Oak wood, as it is a natural material, conveys the impression of tranquility and relaxation and helps you to harmonize your sleep.


Valencia oak solid wood bed in bleached tone

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