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The 4 + 1 Best Wooden Dining Chairs

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted June 25 2022

Las 4 + 1 mejores sillas de madera para comedor

A good home environment always goes hand in hand with decoration and this is often difficult to achieve in the living room because in this space we carry out many activities and we can find a lot of furniture.

In this room you can easily watch TV, study, eat and even receive visits from family and friends, therefore, it is necessary to have everything well equipped and one of the pieces of furniture that collaborates with this organization and equipment is the dining chair. Below, we show you some packs of wooden dining chairs that you can buy for your living room or kitchen.

1 - Solid Wood Dining Chairs Diana Oak beige

It's a pack of 4 chairs Made of robust oak wood with a natural color and an upholstery on the seat part in beige with breathable synthetic fabric and with a soft touch so that the simple fact of sitting on it is comfortable. They are suitable for all types of tables, but they go best with round dining tables.

                     Solid oak Diana upholstered chair beige

They measure approximately 82 cm high x 44 cm wide and 47 cm deep; The relative height of the seat is 45.5 cm, while its width is 42.5 cm. It has a depth of 40.5 cm and its back measures 15.5 cm; They weigh 7 kg each.

It is worth mentioning that, given their robust structure and excellent build quality, these chairs can support up to 100 kg of maximum weight, well distributed. Best of all, its materials are of ecological origin and it is very easy to maintain, just wipe with a dry cloth and avoid the use of aggressive chemical products.

2 - Wooden Chairs for dining room Isku Oak

They are a set of chairs of oak that, due to their design, fit perfectly in kitchens and living rooms. You can use it in Nordic, modern, casual style rooms, among others, therefore, it is one of the most versatile you can buy. The set is made up of 4 oak chairs with a natural finish.

They measure 82 x 42 x 47 cm (height, width, depth) their seat is 45 cm high, while its width is 42,5 cm. Its depth is 47.5, its height is 15,5 cm and the width is 51. Basically they are chairs that adapt very well to wide people.

                 Isku Solid Oak Wood Dining Chair

With no upholstered seat, it's completely liquid resistant, super easy to clean, and looks like new for years to come. It is worth saying that all its materials are of ecological origin.

3-4 pack Manchester Dining Chairsr

The Manchester Dining Chairs They stand out for their elegant Nordic style, which brings a lot of visual pleasure while fitting wonderfully into your living room or home, all thanks to its Scandinavian design which is also quite comfortable. It has a large upholstery of very soft and breathable synthetic fabric, in addition, it does not have armrests for better freedom of movement. It is the right combination of design and comfort.

                 Light gray Manchester oak wood chair

Supports a maximum weight of 120 kg, measures approximately 45 cm deep x 43 cm wide x 100 cm high. It's the kind of wooden dining room chairs you can buy that you can easily sit on for hours.

4 - Pack of 4 Chairs for the living room Alexis

They are pieces of wood with a lot of character that follow natural construction lines which give them a very organic look that goes hand in hand with the latest trends in interior decoration. They have a soft padding on the back and seat that is also upholstered in breathable synthetic fabric which is soft to the touch and brings a lot of elegance to the living room or dining room. You can choose between Gray o green life.

                          Dining chair solid oak Alexis living green

These 4 chairs Made of ecological oak wood, they measure 76 cm high, 52 cm wide and 43.5 cm deep. It is very good for round or square tables, they can support up to 110 kg of maximum weight.

+1 - Solid Oak Wood Dining Chairs Diana

Yes, I know that I have already talked about the Diana model upholstered in beige, but I could not finish this blog without telling you that we also have this model of chair with wooden seat. It is the most model emblematic and characteristic of Scandinavian Nordic design.

     Diana solid oak chair set



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