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How to make a wooden chair

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on September 11 2023

how to make a wooden chair

Have you ever imagined how to make wooden chair from scratch? In this exciting article, you will discover how to make a dining chair step by step. You don't need to be a woodworking expert, just a dose of creativity and a willingness to learn! Read on to discover how to bring your own wooden chair to life.

How to make a wooden dining chair

Preparation and planning

Before you dive into construction, it's essential to have a solid plan. Decide on the type of chair you want to create - will it be a simple, elegant chair or a more elaborate chair with unique details? Visualize the end result before you begin.

how to make a wooden chair

Step 1: Choose the design and materials

Research different wooden chair designs to find inspiration. Once you have a design in mind, make a list of the materials you'll need, such as wood, screws, glue, basic woodworking tools, and possibly sandpaper. 

Step 2: Cut and prepare the pieces

Use the chosen measurements and design to cut the wood according to the parts of the chair: legs, back, seat and supports. Make sure the pieces are well sanded to obtain a smooth and safe surface.

Chair construction

Step 3: Assemble the structure

Start by assembling the legs and backrest. Use screws and carpenter's glue to join the pieces together. Make sure everything is level and aligned correctly.

Step 4: Add the seat and brackets

Attach the seat to the legs with screws and glue. Then add brackets to strengthen the overall structure of the chair. Make sure all elements are secure and well fastened.

Step 5: Sand and finish

Sand all surfaces of the chair to smooth any sharp edges or rough surfaces. Next, apply a finish to your wooden chair, either paint, varnish or oil, depending on your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need expensive tools to make a chair?

This is not necessary. You can start with basic tools such as a saw, screwdriver and sandpaper. Over time, you can invest in more specialized tools if you decide to continue with woodworking projects.

What type of wood is best for making a chair?

Hardwoods such as oak, walnut or beech are ideal for chairs, as they are durable and resistant. You can also opt for more affordable woods such as pine.


Making a wooden chair is a rewarding experience that will allow you to explore your creativity and carpentry skills. By following these steps and with patience, you will be able to create your own personalized and functional chair. Dive into this exciting project and enjoy the end result!

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