Design your own outfit with the Escandi - Roble.Store collection

Design your own outfit with the Escandi collection

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on March 26 2021

muebles de estilo escandinavo

Slender but strong, our collection "Escandi" meets the requirements for effortless Scandinavian style. With a clean and uncluttered design, slim legs, rounded corners and smooth surfaces, it brings out the simple beauty of the solid oak grain, creating the perfect backdrop in your home.

The slim frame will give a lighter look in your home, but don't be fooled by the sleek design - with pale solid oak throughout, the Escandi range is built to last and withstand the test of time in everyday life. . Classic Scandinavian style versatility and high-quality construction mean longevity is built into every piece.

If you are considering adding a piece from the Escandi range to your home or if you are already lucky enough to own one, here are some suggestions for creating a classy look that you will love.


 Scandinavian style wooden bed

Soothing bedroom "Escandi"

The pale natural oak color of the range comes to the fore when combined with the soft, rich tones of nature in the bedroom. Create an oasis of tranquility from busy family life with the "Escandi" bed and a forest mural in muted greens as the focal point. Our wardrobe "Escandi" matching will hide clutter while creating a stylish expression for your storage needs.

And don't forget about our bench "Escandi". You can locate the furniture at the foot of the bed. In this way you get a very decorative and also practical place.


 scandinavian style dining room

Modern and fresh living room by Escandi

A fresh palette of blues and turquoise and the good natural look of our "Escandi" range are a perfect match for a family living room. Start with a soft blue background and watch our showcase "Escandi" and our coffee table "Escandi 2" matching.

Our chest of drawers "Escandi 3" shares the same flared leg design from the range, creating a coordinated look that's easy to love. Finish off with a bold patterned rug and accessories to tie together this cheery color scheme.


Scandinavian style dining table with bench

Dining Room Select Glam Escandi

Classic Scandinavian design can be combined with almost any style, so creating a select and unique look is easy with the "Escandi" range. Start with the showcase "Escandi 3" as the main piece in your dining room, creating lots of storage and style. The simplicity of both this piece and the chiffonier "Escandi 2" matching will gently mold an eye-catching wallpaper and rug.

Our game of Escandí 1 "dining table and “Escandi” bench combines well, sharing design elements similar to the Escandi range. Finish the look with dusty pink and navy accents for a glamorous take on a family dinner.

 natural wood desk office table

Pastel Chic Escandi Home Office

Working from home? Our Escandi range has you covered, combining a rugged design in a lighter-looking frame, which means you're working as hard as you are. The elegant recessed handles both in the desk of the computer as in the great shelving they provide a neat and elegant look on a soft pastel background.

Combined with our Mancheste chairrIt is the most comfortable of all the chairs we tested, creating an adult look for both adults and teens. A simple dot pattern wallpaper will let Escandi's airy design shine through, so finish the look with pops of pastel colors in graphic patterns for your accessories.

Do you love a creative home office? We have a lot of inspiration in this post.

Our "Escandi" range has elegant pieces for every room in the home. See the full range in our Online store now.

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