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Benefits of light colored furniture

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on November 05 2020

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 Interior design and the choice of furniture color is becoming a serious problem for many. What is preferable, a light or dark environment? Furniture of dark tones has certain advantages: they give a feeling of solidity, reliability and respectability. But in recent years, manufacturers and designers increasingly offer furniture in light colors. Let's try to find out what the secret of its popularity is.

Benefits of light colored furniture

Furniture in light colors visually expands the space, gives a feeling of lightness and freedom, while dark furniture makes a small room even smaller. Poorly lit rooms will appear lighter when decorated in light colors.

Light furniture looks more festive and elegant compared to the same models, but in a dark color. The presence of light shades in the interior is believed to have a calming effect on a person. Furniture in the living room in light colors can look very elegant, stylish and even luxurious (for example, a beautiful comfortable).

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It is not a standard thing, it is attractive, and at the same time the design of the room will look harmonious, in which the walls have a rich, bright color, and the furniture is light. Let's imagine that you are tired of the color of your walls, for example, orange, and you repaint them in blue or mint. And in this case, you do not have to buy a new furniture set, as furniture in light colors will perfectly fit into the updated interior. The same transformation in rooms furnished with dark furniture is not always possible.
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It is also interesting that the feeling of "flashy" pink or bright red tones can be softened with the help of furniture in light colors, as well as additional accessories and textile decoration.

The light color of the furniture is universal for solving stylistic and color design tasks. Furniture set in light colors will look great in the classic interior of the living room or emphasize the Scandinavian style of the bedroom. Others may like furniture in light colors for a country-style kitchen. Laconic high-tech style is also associated with the presence of white furniture. For any style and room, be it a dining room, a nursery or a hallway, you can choose the right furniture in light tones.

If you are not a fan of contrasting and bright colors, but prefer freshness and lightness of accents, then the interior in light colors with light furniture will serve as a background, and textiles, curtains, souvenirs or paintings can be used as eye-catching details. bright. This artistic technique allows you to create a new look in the room according to your mood, simply by swapping the accessories for new ones.
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Just as there is no "good" or "bad" tone, it is impossible to say that dark furniture is a bad option for a living room in light colors. In general, the designer has to provide for a lot of things of all kinds, taking into account the preferences of residents, style features, size and lighting of the room, so that in the end everything looks harmonious in the room. But when buying a furniture set, remember that light color is practical and offers many creative possibilities.


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