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Modular living rooms: a harmonious union of objects in a single design

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on October 15 2020

Los salones modulares: una unión armoniosa de objetos en un solo diseño

The first modular living rooms appeared in Europe back in the 50s. Until then, it was difficult to furnish a living room with a more or less uniform style: it was necessary to find a closet, a table, sideboards, a chest of drawers, etc. these had to combine with each other. Not everyone wanted to spend time, effort, and money on this, which is why many living rooms didn't seem entirely harmonious then.


The display cabinets allowed to aesthetically decorate the room, since these, the meals and coffee tables were made in the same style. It was possible to hide many unnecessary things, which were carefully hidden behind the door, on the other hand to show in a glass the best sets of dishes.


On the other hand, these were bulky and occupied a good part of the living room and the elements were connected in a certain sequence, that is, the sections were impossible to interchange. And in general, maybe you didn't need this closet at all, but there was no other option. Also, the variety was small and all the items were similar to each other.

 Scandinavian style living room


The downsides of outdated bulky items have been eliminated in modular living rooms. They are made up of individual elements that can be interchanged like in a constructor. Hence the many benefits of modular living rooms:


  • You can choose the furniture that you really need. For example, you need a TV cabinet, comfortable and some side tables dand center, But you have a closet in the bedroom and you don't need it in the living room, so you don't overpay for a ready-to-use set;
  • The ability, if necessary, to purchase the required item. If there is a need for a new section, or it is necessary to replace a damaged element, it will be possible to find a suitable module, since manufacturers, when creating a series, usually do not change the color and design;
  • The ability to install the sections as you wish, so this is a salvation for living rooms with a non-standard layout. The same set can be used to equip an angular or linear, symmetrical or asymmetrical hall. It will be possible to rearrange and renovate the interior without having to buy new furniture, simply by changing the existing modules;
  • When moving, it will be possible not to buy new furniture: you can take the existing living room with you and arrange the modules a little differently, according to the dimensions of the new living room and, if necessary, buy the missing elements;
  • A large selection of modular living room furniture and a variety of different elements for them;
  • Modern appearance (even if the furniture is made in a classic style). Furniture does not overload space.

 natural wood living room furniture


Elements of a modular living room 


Buying a new modular salon should start with a boring but very necessary procedure: taking measurements. Next, you need to think about what elements of the living room you need, what configuration would be more convenient. For a snack, think about color and style, especially the accessories and materials used.

In fact, a modular living room can include numerous elements, but among the main ones we highlight the following:

  • Cabinets of various sizes and types: and with a o two doors, suspended and standing, with blind or transparent glass doors, with corbels, shelves or drawers. Of course, if possible, it is better to put a large closet for things in the bedroom, but otherwise, you can take care of a larger closet so that almost all the closet will fit in livingroom;
  • Showcases with transparent doors They can be used as showcases, placing on the shelves, for example, your collection of dishes or figurines brought from different countries. If the collection has a special value and you want to focus on it, you can choose a backlit or LED display case
  • TV furniture. Many people prefer to simply hang the television on the wall. This is especially true if there are children and pets in the home, whose careless movement can lead to a local disaster. However, if you decide to place the TV on a stand, it is best to choose a cabinet whose space can be used as additional storage space. The long and low brackets, originally intended for storage only, will be an excellent solution for installing a TV;
  • Sideboards Of different lengths and heights they are an excellent place to store your necessities and unnecessary things. You can place various decorative elements on them or even put a TV. Recently, long sideboards have been used more and morelow and low, which are characterized by a sufficient width, but at the same time not cluttering the space, ideal for small living rooms;
  • wall shelves of various configurations: open y closed, simple, double and triple, common forms and non-standard;
  • the shelves for books they are suitable if the living room is combined with an office or library, or if you are just a fan of paper books;
  • the coffee tables sometimes they are also sold as part of a modular living room, but many prefer to choose the product for themselves to create a more original interior;

All of these elements can be so different in design, shape, and size that there are countless options for modular living rooms.

 solid oak wood modular living room


Modular furniture can be manufactured with different materials such as solid wood, DM, chipboard (melamine or laminate), veneer. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, but we recommend solid wood. It is a premium option, whose advantage will be respect for the environment, naturalness, durability, resistance and a pleasant aroma. The color and pattern will depend on the type. Furniture made of oak, walnut, beech and cherry looks especially beautiful. All furniture can be made of solid wood, but more often there is an option when the frame is made of chipboard or MDF and the facade is made of wood. En Oak Store  we offer furniture made entirely of solid wood.


And the last tip: do not forget to take all measurements carefully and think about the location of the modules, depending on the parameters of the living room and the necessary functionality. Pay attention to the quality of accessories!

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