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XL extendable dining table - a large table for large families

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on November 20 2020

NordicStory mesa de comedor extensible madera maciza roble rustico

Whether it's for the holidays or an informal gathering, there are many occasions for people to gather around the dining room table. That said, a normal table for four is not enough in these situations.

An extendable dining table is a table that can be detached and have one or more segments (or leaves) inserted in the middle that create more surface area and a generally larger table on the same foundation. The key point of having one is making sure there is room for everyone around the table, no matter how many people you are hosting.

But not every day is a party, that's why an extendable dining table it's better than just a big one. If you don't need a large table all the time, it's nice to have one that you can "put away" when you don't have guests, but use it daily as a full-size dining table. Being able to remove table segments also opens up space in your dining room that you don't have when the extended dining table is installed, which can prevent you from feeling a little too crowded year-round.

One of the most popular furniture from NordicStory is
the extendable table "XL" . This table has three extensions so that you have up to four different measures and adapt it to each occasion. You can store the sheets inside the table which is very comfortable and again save your space.

In the production of the table, the extension mechanism developed by Pöttker GmbH (R), a German company that is a leader in the industry. The modern design of this solid oak table will bring a touch of nature to your home.

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