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Looking for Scandinavian coffee tables? OAK.STORE!

Dinara shangerey

Posted June 18 2021

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Interesting Facts About Coffee Tables

First we are going to get into the historical situation of the coffee tables, as well as their culture in the Victorian era.


The first coffee table models were created during the Victorian era

During the reign of Queen Victoria of England in the XNUMXth century, early models of coffee tables were made and used throughout the country. Due to the popularity of coffee and tea, the models were used in both cafes and homes. Renowned London designers made most of the future models of the Victorian era. If you had no idea of ​​the first models of a coffee table, now you know its origin during the Victorian era.


Most coffee tables were designed for the outdoors

The modern ones coffee tables They are mainly used for interior decoration in living rooms. At all times the coffee tables had a useful use in the daily life of different cultures of Asia, Africa, Europe. They spent great time around the table. While creating history and transforming it. Although coffee tables are gaining popularity for indoor use, they can also be used for backyards and decks.

If you have been looking for coffee table ideas, you can use the designs that we propose below to place in any corner of your home, if you need a modern interior decoration, pay attention to our next article.


 The most current designs of our ROBLE.STORE brand are:


Stackable solid oak coffee tables Escandi 2


Stackable solid oak coffee tables Escandi 2


Our Stackable solid oak coffee tables Escandi 2 They gain a lot from their triangular shapes with curved lines and angled sloping legs. You can place one or two models of multipurpose coffee table at the same time and combine them according to the design of your living room, taking into account the amount of space you have available.  

It will help you determine if you are going to buy round, triangular, rectangular, oval, trapezoid, rounded or with structural compartments according to each model.

However, there are many other shapes that have been created by designers to meet the interior and exterior decorating needs of modern homes.

Understanding the basic facts about the origin of coffee tables and how they have gained popularity today would make it more interesting!

Millions of people have elegant coffee tables in their homes, but they cannot identify the inspiration behind the designs. This article will explore different facts about coffee tables that you may never have known before.

Coffee tables exist today in various designs. They are centerpieces in both homes and offices. They are mainly used to place hot coffee cups so that people can relax. Drinking coffee slowly while taking a breather can be very rewarding!

This has caused Scandinavian style coffee tables and nordic be modern home and office spaces. There are many designs that can be entered to change the interior decoration. Most of the people who prefer to have coffee tables select elegant and at the same time modern designs so that they can stand out from the traditional home interior designs.

By selecting our Oak coffee table. Store, your home will be more welcoming! Here is the most detailed description of our Nordic.Story collection.  


Escandi 8 solid oak coffee table


Oak coffee table, solid wood, bleached tone, NordicStory

La Escandi 8 solid oak coffee tableIt is precisely the one that will be spectacular in your corner. It is a low table made from solid oak in the Nordic style, it incorporates a drawer and space that allows you to store your belongings in their proper order, with sober results, ideal to give a special air to your living room.


Solid oak Nordic coffee table 

NordicStory, solid wood, powerful, oak



If you want a Nordic coffee table  very solid, this is the ideal option. Built to endure and last, of course, in solid wood. Thick, clean and timeless lines. The most concrete embodiment of functionality, essential characteristics of Scandinavian design. If you find a solid wood coffee table that suits your interior decorating needs, you should invest in it and keep it looking good.


Applicable coffee table made of solid oak wood Escandi


Stackable coffee table in solid oak wood Escandi


Are you looking for a different and Nordic style coffee table? The center table Scandi  small, Made of solid wood, it is an original and resistant solution for your living room, ideal for everyday use. Attachable to our large Escandi coffee table, together they offer multiple options for layout and uses. You can play with space and your living room will never be boring! This model is complemented in this case with two structures and has a curvilinear shape. 


Vankel solid oak coffee table


Vankel solid oak coffee table


La Vankel coffee table is inspired by the Valkyrie warriors of Norse mythology and history. An elegant, dynamic and functional design that will provide a touch of subtlety in any corner of your home. They are perfectly combinable with countless pieces of furniture. Multipurpose.


 Kvadro Solid Oak Wood Coffee Table


Kvadro Solid Oak Wood Coffee Table


Print an unmistakable character to your living room with our coffee table Kvadro. Original, robust and practical. Undoubtedly it is not just any table, but a piece of real wood in your living room with a design that will help you keep the living room tidy and that will not leave your guests indifferent. Its rounded corners also make it ideal for family homes. Contains two good drawers.




Escandi 4 solid oak coffee table


Escandi 4 solid oak coffee table


This Escandi 4 coffee table their Light and delicate lines directly inspire the 60s. Its uniform structure complements the piece with the elaboration from solid oak and it has two levels that allow you to take advantage of the surfaces that offer extra space for your favorite novels and magazines. Without a doubt, the cornerstone of any living room or office.



Leo Solid Oak Wood Coffee Table


Leo Solid Oak Wood Coffee Table


The beautiful Leo coffee table  made with solid European oak wood with a unique and versatile design. Its rectangular structure creates an authentic, meeting and comfortable atmosphere. Its magazine compartment can be a very special option for homes, clinics or waiting rooms. 


Solid oak coffee table Elsa LUX
Solid oak coffee table Elsa LUX
Our Elsa LUX coffee table  It is an elegant and very modern piece for your living room, office, living room, etc. In addition to its fabulous rectangular and practical storage compartment. Inspire carefree character with pure Nordic design. Obviously it is ideal for family settings. The surface of its tabletop is made up of curved corners, on the lower tabletop it plays a visually uncovered storage option and the central drawer acquires depth in storage. Its legs convey security and robustness.
Mauritz 4 solid oak coffee table

Mauritz 4 solid oak coffee table 

La Mauritz 4 coffee table, Scandinavian in design, it fits perfectly in any living room, bedroom or office. With its two tiers, the piece provides more space for both storage and decoration. It has a very harmonious appearance. Feel free to combine other products from the Mauritz collection!


If you are looking for ideas for some of the coffee tables described above, we recommend choosing the most appropriate to the required space of your home, creating more elegance in your corner.  



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