Your ideal Christmas with Roble.Store

Your ideal Christmas

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on December 17 2022

NordicStory muebles de madera maciza de roble navidad

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and many people look forward to it because that way they can buy furniture and things for their home.

So Christmas is the perfect occasion for you to make those furniture purchases and thus achieve a totally beautiful decoration.

Seize the perfect opportunity to achieve that Scandinavian style in your home by including the best solid oak furniture available at Oak.Store.

Best of all, this furniture is not only adapted to this time, since the Scandinavian style can remain throughout the year, so that you can celebrate the King's festivities, and then continue enjoying your home with an incomparable style. 

How to design your ideal Christmas

Decorating our home for Christmas is one of the most fun parts of this celebration, but for that you have to buy the furniture you need to achieve that style that characterizes you.

First, you should think about what your ideal Christmas would be like. Are you a person who prefers classic decoration? Or are you one of those who prefers a more sophisticated style? This will help you determine the type of furniture that will best suit your tastes.

Oak tables and chairs for your Christmas dining room

If you have already thought about what style you want to achieve, then it is time for you to start by choosing the table that will be the center of attention of your Christmas stay.

Oak is the perfect material, because it gives a natural feeling and brings joy to the place. So a nice solid oak table is perfect. In this sense, you must choose if you prefer a round or rectangular one, depending on the space you have.

You can also choose an extendable table, which is useful for receiving more guests if you want to have a Christmas or kings party, like our XL, which opens up to 280 cm.

NordicStory solid oak furniture dining table

NordicStory Table XL

As for the chairs, you have more freedom and variety to choose from. You can opt for some beautiful oak chairs with a rustic design, if that is the decoration you have in mind, or rather for some with a beautiful upholstery to achieve a more elegant effect.

Coffee tables for your Christmas decorations

If you want your living room to have a unique Christmas style, then you can choose to buy a solid oak coffee table, so that you can place your beautiful Christmas decorative elements there.

The advantage is that at Roble.Store you will find a wide variety of coffee table designs, from the most classic, such as the Maurice 4, even those with a unique style like the Scandi 2.

On these tables you can put some pretty candles, or display your Christmas family photo. It all depends on the style you want to achieve.

The color of your furniture

Finally, to achieve your ideal Christmas, you should think about what color you want to buy your furniture. If you want something more traditional, you can opt for those made of solid natural oak wood, as they add a classic touch to the room.

On the other hand, if you are one of the people who dreams of a white Christmas, then the bleached oak ones are perfect.

NordicStory furniture solid oak bleached Scandinavian Nordic style

NordicStory "Combo collection" y coffee table "Kvadro"

Dark oak ones are also a great alternative, because you can include gold, red or silver decorations and your home will look totally beautiful.

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