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Types of desks: Which one to choose?

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on August 29, 2022

Types of desks


Within the office furniture there is an element that can not miss and that is the table or desk, because, although it often goes unnoticed, this greatly influences the way you work, whether we talk about the quality or productivity. You can see all our desks here.

Buying a desk according to its type and taking into account the needs of the person who will use it can be complicated, so in this post we will mention the most relevant types and what you should consider when choosing them.

What are the types of desk or office table?

Before you can choose a wooden desk you need to know which are the models available on the market and what they are for, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and in this case the main desks you can find are:

Office work desks

These are the tables that we commonly find in the office, in general they have large dimensions and are very comfortable when used to work. Their function is to facilitate good posture and promote productivity in the tasks to be performed.

Some of them can be wall desks, with shelves, oak desks, etc. An outstanding model for this type of desks is undoubtedly the NordicStory Solid oak desk "Elsa".

NordicStory "Elsa" solid oak writing table

Technical wooden desks 

This type of tables are designed to perform specific jobs such as illustrators or architects, some of them allow you to adjust the tilt and height, but the main thing is that they have a large space from which you can work comfortably.

And if space is your main goal, then you can use the model. NordicStory Solid oak desk "Escandi 5".

NordicStory Solid oak desk table "Escandi 5

Reception desks

They are located in the first line of reception of the office, they are usually desks with vintage design, modern, Nordic among others. Ideally, it should be an office desk with good presence, but it should also be useful and functional to perform the necessary tasks of attention.

NordicStory Solid oak desk table

How to choose the best desk

Having explained which are the most important types of desks, it is time to mention which aspects are key when choosing the best one for you.

User needs

Whether you want a study table or an oak desk, each user will have needs that must be met. For example, if you need to have a lot of paper or objects on your desk, it is important to buy large desktops.

NordicStory Solid oak desk table

On the other hand, if you don't need that much extra space, you can make better use of the way you organize things with desks with drawers or containers.

Consider Comfort

If you are going to use the desk for long hours, it should be as comfortable as possible, otherwise productivity and quality of work will be terrible. It must have the right measurements to keep the screen at the height of your eyes, enough space to support your arms and that in general favors your ergonomics.

Consider the complements

A good desk should offer you all the possible comforts, therefore, the best models have space to put and organize cables, drawers and even space to place peripherals such as the keyboard or mouse so that you can handle them easily.

NordicStory "Einstein 2" solid oak writing table with floating shelf

What should be the design of the desk?

Whether it's a white desk, Nordic style, or made of oak, it should match the image you're trying to convey. This is important because clients make decisions based on appearances. Therefore, make sure the style of the desk matches the style of your office.

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