SHOWROOM: Calle Modena, 33, Las Rozas, Madrid - Av. Diagonal, 352, Barcelona

SHOWROOM in Barcelona Avenida Diagonal 352

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on November 18 2019

NordicStory Oak furniture solid wood nordico

Solid oak furniture in Barcelona: NordicStory and LoftStory at Roble.Store

Explore excellence in solid oak furniture by visiting our Roble.Store in the heart of Barcelona, Avenida Diagonal 352. Take advantage of our free parking coupons for a carefree experience. Parking, just 2 minutes away at Parking NUNEZ-Valencia (c/ Valencia 375-377, c/ Nápols 216-218), guarantees easy access.

Our expert assistant, Margarita, will guide you through our spacious 148 m2 showroom. Discover our wide range of solid wood furniture, from dining room tables to dining tables and small dining tables to extendable tables, solid oak beds, entrance and office furniture, all with the distinctive quality of the NordicStory NordicStory y LoftStory brands.

Explore different shades of finish and try our comfortable wooden chairs wooden chairs in person. Looking for an even more personalized experience? Request a 3D project for your space. With just the room measurements, some photos and your NordicStory and LoftStory furniture preferences, our Madrid colleague will create a custom design within a few days and send it to you via WhatsApp (+34 623 459 738). This way, you can visualize how the furniture would complement your home before making a purchase decision.

In addition to our wide selection, at Roble.Store we offer additional services in our Barcelona store, such as assembly and delivery with our own transport. Check the assembler's rates when you make your purchase for a hassle-free experience.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for our special promotions. Occasionally, we offer exceptional discounts on high quality furniture due to changes in our showroom, giving you the opportunity to acquire exclusive pieces at irresistible prices.

We invite you to discover the beauty and quality of NordicStory and LoftStory furniture in our store in Barcelona, so don't hesitate to visit us and explore all the options we have available for you!

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