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What is a loft style desk?

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on December 11 2020

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A loft-style desk does not usually have many compartments on the sides. Most often it is a rectangular table, which is fixed on straight legs. Its lower part can be equipped with an additional removable compartment. On the work surface of such a table, you will also not find additional shelves for writing utensils and accessories (computer), as this contradicts the general style concept.

The table can be made entirely of wood or it can rest on two metal legsWhile the tabletop It is made entirely of solid wood. Many modern products are equipped with legs that allow you to adjust the height of the table. These pieces of furniture are very convenient as they can be adjusted to different chair heights and do business with maximum comfort.


solid oak wood dining table


Characteristics of a loft-style desk

We now propose to consider the distinctive characteristics of loft style desks compared to similar furniture in other interiors.

The practicality It is the most characteristic feature of the loft trend. A desk of this style must be reliable, robust, designed for long-term use, and resistant to external influences. Note that even decorative desks, which will not be used for their intended purpose, must have the listed qualities.

Easy to use. Regardless of the design features, at the desk, first of all, it should be comfortable to sit and work. An indisputable advantage is also the possibility of moving this piece of furniture if necessary, since one of the characteristics of the loft style is the rearrangement and periodic transformations.


loft style dining table


Functionality. A loft-style table can be used not only for work, but also to perform various additional functions (for example, being a decor item, replacing a dining table, etc.).

For the production of furniture in the loft style, mainly natural materials are used. Furthermore, desks are often deliberately sloppy in design. But the furniture from this does not seem less presentable, but on the contrary, it becomes an ideal addition to the interior of the loft.

Discreet design. A loft-style desk should not be decorated with bright prints and have an excessive amount of accessories. The concept of this trend is simplicity and conciseness, so a desk decorated with striking details is unlikely to suit this interior.

The size of a loft-style desk can be very different. Be sure to consider what parameters the table should have if you are zoning the room to equip it. Do not forget that the size of the desk must be suitable for the job.

Variety of shapes. Loft-style desks can be made both in the form of classic geometric shapes, and in more complex and unusual variations.


solid wood desk table

As we mentioned earlier, a loft style desk is usually one of the main interior objects. It is rarely placed against a wall or in a corner. Most of the time, it takes place in the center of the room or serves to delimit the zonal space.

Most loft-style furniture looks rough and brutal, so the right materials are used to create it. In some models, natural raw materials (wood or metal) are combined with artificial ones (chrome, plastic, epoxy resin, etc.).

However, the most common material for the production of loft-type desks is solid wood. Natural wood is known for its strength and durability. These countertops are strong, reliable, and resistant to many types of mechanical stress. Oak, ash, pine or birch are most often used as raw materials.

An unusual approach to loft-style countertop design is the use of wooden slabs. This is the name of the design that mimics the texture of the longitudinal cut of the trunk. The slabs clearly show unusual color spots and patterns inherent in natural wood textures. Such a desk can become the centerpiece of any interior.

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