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What is the mid century modern style?

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on September 17 2020

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An interior design style that began in the 1940s and lasted until the late 1960s, mid-century modern It has made a strong comeback over the past decade and continues to have timeless appeal. After World War II, people flocked to urban areas and living spaces were reduced, increasing the demand for modern furniture. Improvements in technology also made it possible to experiment with new materials such as plexiglass and vinyl. A house of mid-century modern it's easy to spot if it incorporates these characteristics: organic and geometric shapes, clean lines, bright colors, eye-catching patterns, mixed textures, function over shape, preserved space, and contrasting materials. Although some pieces of furniture created in the middle of the XNUMXth century are still reproduced today, others have been completely reinvented and adapted to contemporary culture.

 solid wood coffee table


Now that you know a little about the history and characteristics of mid-century modern, the next step is to learn how to apply this style to the most important room in a house: the living room. This is a place where your creativity can soar freely and the options are endless. Of course, the centerpiece of every mid-century modern living room is a stylish sofa or sectional. Avoid anything that is too decorative; look for something low, rectangular, and simple in a neutral color with tapered round legs. To complement the sofa, look no further than one coffee table, essential piece to complete this look. Consider a clean, minimalist table that has an organic shape, a sleek design, and a contrast of glass, wood, or metal. Last but not least, no mid-century modern look is complete without a beautiful dressing table. The refined lines are imposed, the clean and straight lines, with hardly any ornaments in furniture, decoration and accessories.


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While the living room is a place to entertain guests while chatting over a coffee or tea, the bedroom is your private oasis where you sleep, dream and relax. When starting to design your bedroom in a mid century modern style, the focal point should be the bed. Aim for a low-profile upholstered platform bed with a foam-filled headboard and open legs made from natural wood. A pair of nightstands is the ideal complement to your bed. Choose a slim, functional design that can easily be placed next to your bed without taking up too much space, and make sure you have a few drawers to store important items. Finish off the look with a stunning comfortable mid-century modern. A perfect piece for organizing clothes, jewelry and other items, opt for a dresser made of smooth natural wood with polished metal handles and plenty of storage space. 


mid century style bed


Why is mid-century modernity still popular, and why have contemporary retailers and manufacturers so emphatically embraced its clean-lined look? The style pieces mid-century modern they are simply well-designed objects, with a timeless look, that fit very well in contemporary homes and interiors; they still feel fresh today, they still feel modern. Many of those pieces have not been improved. They still stand the test of time. "

The mid-century modern era continues to influence our decorating and design styles to this day. And while many mid-century objects now cost a penny and make it into the arms of collectors, the idea behind the era was actually to make furniture more accessible and affordable. The designers were inspired by nature, but also sculpture and abstraction. In Oak.Store we offer good quality affordable furniture that will give your home a modern look of mid-century modern.

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