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New Interior Design Service: view our furniture in your home

Maria P.G.

Posted on March 18 2022

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Do you want any of our furniture but you don't know how it will look in your home?

From now on you can count on our team of interior designers to prepare images for you so you can get used to the idea. 


1. Send us to a plan with measurements of the room where you want to incorporate our furniture Oak Store. It does not need to be professional or computerized, it can be a freehand sketch where the measurements are understood. 


2. Attach photos and videos that help us understand what that space is like. We advise you to record a video turning 360º so we can see the general set of the room, the furniture and the style you have. If it is a new construction or there is no furniture, don't worry, we will also get an idea by seeing the power outlets, switches, etc. and everything together with the indications that you want to provide us.


3. Send us a list of the furniture Oak.Store What would you like to see in your home?

4. If you have any furniture that you want to keep, send us photos and measurements so we can add it to the project.

Finally, you would make the payment and in a few days we would send you the project. Keep in mind that the images we make are a simulation of reality.


€35 for stays up to 25m2

€55 for stays up to 50m2

50% of the project will be refunded for purchases of more than €2.000 and the total project will be refunded for purchases of more than €4.000.

The interior design service consists of carrying out a 3D survey of the plan with the measurements provided by the client, incorporating the selection of indicated furniture and adding the necessary furniture to be able to show it as realistic as possible.

You can contact us through the email provided, our whatsapp 623 45 97 38 or come and see us at the showroom of Madrid y Barcelona . Vivisit our website Oak.Store and combine all the furniture you want. We are waiting for you!



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