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New Combo Collection: suspended solid wood furniture modules

Maria P.G.

Posted on Feb 11 2022

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It's no mystery that matching living room and dining room furniture is an important part of a good interior decorating scheme. Because Oak.Store offers a series of collections of furniture made of solid oak based on the Nordic style, which provide comfort, warmth and the convenience of being able to combine the furniture at will.

The new collection Combo It is our most current and versatile line. It stands out for its modernity and simplicity. Most of the furniture that compose it are pieces to hang on the wall, this allows to create a visual challenge to gravity and is a feature that facilitates cleaning. 

The living rooms can be independent or communicate with the kitchen, they can be extremely sober or, on the contrary, present more complex structures, while occupying a single wall. Or they can become small universes with different functions by placing different pieces of furniture between two walls. In all these cases, living room furniture offers maximum customization and flexibility.

The solid oak wood suspended cabinets are perfect for placing your books or decorative items. You can also choose its position, horizontal or vertical giving more freedom in the design of your home. The perfect allies to hide your belongings in an orderly manner. Floating furniture visually lightens the space.

El TV cabinet Combo 2 made of solid oak wood is perfect for a modern and functional home, it has storage capacity and not only for electrical appliances. 

The taste for simplicity is also and above all reflected in the places we inhabit. Whether the room is big or small doesn't matter. What matters is that the furniture is not exaggerated and leaves room for comfort. A handful of elements, distributed along the wall, cater to the need to have a wall fitted with understated appeal.

Visit our website Oak.Store and combine the furniture as you wish. Each piece is available in natural or bleached oak. Tung oil treated finish. Take a look at other floating pieces that we have in the collections Scandi y hilt.

Come see us at the showrooms of Madrid Barcelona and we will be happy to assist you!

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