Roble-Store News: Summer 2021
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Roble-Store News: Summer 2021

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on June 10 2021

natural oak ecological wood furniture


We welcome the season with our stylish new furniture collections and custom designs that will bring a warm springtime ambiance to your home. 


Whether you want to add the perfect piece for your living room or completely redesign your favorite space, the store Oak-Store offers an impressive variety of combinations for the special taste of our customers. You can find furniture with elegant and modern designs, in the style of your home. All pieces are handcrafted by Roble-Store's expert craftsmen, who pay attention to every detail. 


All of our new pieces are fully customizable to meet your design needs. We offer a variety of woods and finishes so you can adapt your new furniture to your home.


Check out our selection of newly arrived, handcrafted novelties for the summer of 2021.


Solid oak wood desk table Escandi 5

natural wood desk

Our Desk Table Escandi 5 is Scandinavian in style, brings a great feeling of comfort and warmth and gives a vintage, retro, yet natural touch to any interior. It is a sturdy, robust and aesthetically pleasing desk. Because of its simple lines it is very versatile, it adapts to any office, study, youth bedroom, or a space where it can be adjusted to different work environments, such as the need to telework. Our Escandi 5 Desk Table made of solid oak wood, is elegant and modern, distributed in two drawers at the ends with good storage space, leaving a central area where you can simply tuck the keyboard underneath. It has a discreet cable outlet, where can also store your belongings, bookends, accessories, or office supplies in an orderly fashion. The desk desks, with its Nordic style lines and tones of natural oak and bleached oak, gives you a sense of calm and order, the legs slanting to the side on two sides represent the personality of Nordic style along with the irresistible wonder of Scandinavian style in its purest quality and nature. 


  Solid oak bookcase-bookcase Escandi 3

solid oak bookcase bookshelf


Our Bookshelf Escandi 3 is a perfect solution to decorate your living room and place whatever you want. It is an essential piece of furniture in your home. It can be used for many things such as placing books, folders, porcelain vases, some souvenirs, a collection of extravagant figures, photo frames, objects for good memories bought on your travels. "Escandi 3" offers you many possibilities depending on what and how you want to store your belongings, taking advantage of mixed storage, placing objects you want to display on open shelving shelves , and keeping everything in order in bookcase drawers. Made of solid oak wood in two tones of natural Oak and bleached Oak, distributed in drawers and chest of drawers with convenient doors, with a remarkable robustness for frequent use, with sloping legs and open spaces that integrate successfully in different types of decorations.


This bookshelf option is one of the latest trends in interior design, it is precisely a key piece when designing your Nordic style corner, gaining space and giving a very original and modern touch at the same time. Enjoy this beautiful piece of furniture by Roble-Store.


Visit our online store Oak.Store to buy handcrafted furniture online. Or visit us in Barcelona: Avenida Diagonal, 352.


With spring approaching, it's precisely the best time to bring your home to life with beautiful, brand new furniture. Roble.Store is the perfect place to find inspiration for all your home decorating and design needs, with a wide range of furniture styles, woods and stain options.


Our craftsmen, the experts at Roble-Store, strive to produce durable wood pieces that will serve for decades for our customers. Check out our online store for your next piece of solid oak furniture.

If you want to renew the furniture in your home: let's get to work and contact us today!


All these new products are now available for purchase.



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