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NordicStory and LoftStory tv cabinets

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on Jul 27 2022

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 As a general rule, in the living room or bedroom, the television occupies a large space. Being in front of it you can enjoy movies, watch sports or any programming with family and friends, so we know that accompanying it with a good piece of furniture from NordicStory or LoftStory that matches it and that can also hold it (if applicable) it is vital.

En you will find a large catalog of NordicStory and LoftStory TV cabinets with which you can hold your TV and that will match all the decoration of your room, living room or living room. No matter what type of TV you have in your home, you can buy the perfect piece of furniture for it here, but first, do you know how to choose the best one? Here we tell you

How to choose a TV cabinet from Roble Store?

Take into account the size of your room

Take into account the space you have in your room, living room or hall and take the measurements, in this way you can be sure if the furniture you choose fits perfectly and how much is left over or not. Our TV cabinets vary greatly in size, but are generally between 100 and 220 cm long.

How big is your television?

In this case we refer to the size of the television, today it is normal for the television to be a flat screen, with a size of 30, 40 or 50 inches, it is best to take into account its measurements, basically it is the same principle of taking into account count the dimensions of the room, only this time it applies to the tv. 

The idea is that the television is in the center of the piece of furniture and there is enough space to place decorative elements that integrate everything into a pleasant visual show, however, if you are one of those who thinks that "it is better than not enough" and you have space to spare in your room, we recommend the NordicStory "Wardi" solid oak TV cabinet

NordicStory solid oak wood tv cabinet

Choose a beautiful and practical piece of furniture for your TV

It is not just about having a beautiful and elegant appearance like the Nordic style of this furniture, it must also be functional, keep in mind that today's televisions are accompanied by a sound system, game consoles, HiFi system, etc., therefore , require enough space to place these accessories, in that case we recommend the NordicStory Solid oak TV cabinet "Escandi" 180 x 39 x 54 cm. It is one of the most spacious in the purchase catalog

NordicStory solid oak wood tv cabinet.

What is the best material for a NordicStory TV cabinet?

All the tv cabinets that we sell here are made from the best materials, more specifically solid oak wood, all of which are certified by the forestry stewardship council. If you really want to make a good investment, these are the most recommended woods, since they guarantee durability, visual finish and good style.

Will the tv be hung? Choose the right furniture

Another decorative option and a viable alternative to the TV supported on the furniture is to hang the TV on the wall, this brings the advantage of saving space, in addition, you can play with different decorative styles accompanying it with pictures and make interesting collages.

Now, if you are one of those who prefer to have the television hung on the wall to save space, but still want to buy a LoftStory TV cabinet that complements it, then the most recommended is LoftStory "Mozaik 25" oak wood TV cabinet 170 x 42 x 46 cm.

LoftStory oak tv cabinet

What style should the perfect TV cabinet have?

The NordicStory tv furniture has a very marked style, as its name says, the Nordic Scandinavian is its decorative line, but don't worry, they are so versatile that they fit perfectly with the design of any room, especially because of the colors used. , so no matter if your room is industrial, rustic, minimalist, modern or classic, NordicStory TV cabinets are your best purchase option.

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