Solid wood dining table and their styles
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Solid wood dining table and their styles

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on August 05 2022

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The dining table is by far one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home, therefore, its choice cannot be taken lightly. It is necessary that the piece meets your requirements and those of your family, in addition, it must fit very well the decoration.

So. choosing a solid wood dining table is not a simple task, because you must take into account many important factors such as its style, but do not worry, because in this article we will tell you what are the most important styles of tables so you know which one to choose.

Solid wood dining tables Nordic style

It is a bet for those who are looking for a soft and clean style. Its design is one of the most simple and versatile, because in addition to providing a great visual finish they are very comfortable and functional. As such they are composed entirely of wood and are recommended for a cold type of decoration.

 nordicstory solid oak dining table in nordic style

 Harold dining table

Solid wood modern style dining tables

It is one of the most chosen at present, all due to its renewed and current approach. It has a harmonic, functional and simple oriented approach, simplicity is its premise and in general all its surfaces and edges are smooth, always looking for neat straight lines.                  

                             NordicStory extending dining table oak wood and steel modern style

Montenegro dining table

In fact, you will be able to identify a modern style table because of its absence of curved lines in its design. So if you want to buy a solid wood table with modern style for your dining room these are the guidelines to follow.

Industrial style sturdy wood dining room tables

This style of tables is easy to identify due to its rough design, where the nakedness of the elements that compose it predominates, but without being rustic. These tables are usually accompanied by iron legs with basic treatments to give it that aged look, while the wood top shows the veins and aspects of wear.

    industrial style oak dining table with metal legs

 Extendable dining table Mozaik

Solid wood dining tables Minimalist style

Minimalist style dining tables will stand out for their simplicity, with stylized shapes but always directed towards straight and clean movements, with few details that make them eye-catching. It closely resembles the modern style and a touch of Scandinavian, however, it avoids the cold aspect of the latter and the dazzling of the modern.

    Extending dining table in solid oak minimalist wood

 L2 extendable table

Vintage style solid wood dining room tables

A vintage style table will always make reference to the past, to everything that was manufactured in a bygone era, usually before the 90's, it does not mean that it looks worn, but if it has an antique or old appearance, it can easily fit for this type of decorations.

   retro nordic style dining table solid oak wood

Escandi 1 dining table

Rustic solid wood dining room tables

The choice is very simple, this type of wooden tables will always have a natural finish, basically it will look like it has been taken directly from the source to your dining room, without any care to make it look in perfect condition. Generally they are usually used for outdoor dining rooms or in country or rural looking homes.

    extendable solid oak dining table

  Dining table Mauritz 1 

How to choose a solid wood table?

Without giving too much thought, there are only 3 key aspects that you should consider before buying the ideal solid wood dining table for your dining room and they are as follows:

Consider the type of wood

You will find many woods on the market, however, if you really want them to be solid and resistant, you should choose materials such as oak, teak or walnut.

What size and shape should it be?

It will depend on your needs, but you can choose a rectangular table if you want a spacious table where everyone can sit or a round table if it is much more enjoyable to share with others, also the square tables can be used as well. square tables for small spaces or where there will be few diners.

   Extending dining table in solid oak wood

   Moby round extendable table

Should it be extensible or not?

They are very versatile and do not ruin the previous style of the table, especially if it is modern or minimalist, because at first you can use it to eat alone or with your partner and expand it in case of receiving visitors just in case you like it, but keep in mind that they are a little more expensive and may not go with your decor. Click here to see all our extendable tables.

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