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Desk table to create your home office

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on October 22 2021

NordicStory, desk, dresser, chest of drawers, bookshelf, office furniture, home furniture

How to create a functional home office

Nowadays there are many of us who have to work from home and it is not something that seems to be going to end soon. If this is your case and you still do not have that place intended as an office or you want to renew the current desk, read on and you will find the best tips to choose the best office furniture for home.

Let's create an organized and functional space

An organized desk isn't just about how it looks, although that's also important for a smooth work day. It's also about function, convenience and efficiency - you should be able to get your work done easily and quickly grab what you need to get to work!

If your desk space needs a makeover or a nicer and more comfortable setup, here are some ideas. Start by thinking about the purpose of your home office, there are many situations: if you will be working there every day, if you want to create a different feel from the rest of the rooms to help you concentrate, or if that home office will look better by matching the rest of your home. Ask yourself how much desk space do you need? what storage do you need? what requirements does your desk need to meet? do you need to store books in a bookshelf or documents and accessories in drawers? 

If you don't have a place in your home designated as an office, we can help you choose between our solid oak desks solid oak desks with which you can create that space and work comfortably from home. 

Our star desk is the model Berg. It is perfect in many ways, both for home office use and for a kitchen or bedroom. This beautiful modern design table allows us to work comfortably on its large surface and store everything we need in its drawers.

NordicStory, desk, solid oak, office furniture, home, home furniture


If you are passionate about organization in drawers and small recesses, the Einstein 2 desk table is the perfect choice for you. Einstein 2 desk is for you. This sturdy solid oak desk has 3 large drawers and a secreter-like shelf that you can place on the desk itself or hang on the wall.

NordicStory, desk, solid oak, office furniture, home, home furniture

The model Escandi perfectly combines functionality and a clean-lined design. A narrower desk that you can add to your Nordic style bedroom with the function of a dressing table. 

NordicStory, desk table, solid oak, dressing table, office furniture, home

The Desk Escandi 4 offers personality, with a modern and natural style will provide a vintage touch to that corner you want to give charm without seeing a typical office furniture.

NordicStory, desk, solid oak, office furniture, home, home furniture

If on the other hand you are looking for a simple and practical desk to take advantage of any small space in an efficient way, we recommend the model Denmark.

 NordicStory, desk table, office furniture, solid oak, home

 You can always combine any of our desks with the different models of bookcases. bookcases to create your ideal home workspace.

NordicStory, bookcase, solid oak wood

Nature is soothing to the soul, so having a solid oak desk solid oak desk is very soothing. Try to keep the space on the desk free so you can enjoy this pleasant feel.

Visit our website Oak Store and choose and enjoy our oak desks in both natural and bleached oak.

You can find high quality furniture at Oak.StoreExplore our web site and don't forget to visit our showroom in Barcelona y Madrid!

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