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Your bedroom measurement guide

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on January 06 2021

Guía de medidas de tu dormitorio


At the beginning and end of your busy day, your bedroom is an incredibly important space in your daily routine. However, this crucial room is an area often neglected when it comes to rearranging and redesigning. Setting up your bedroom with its optimal layout is important for both its functionality and its style, however, this largely depends on your needs and the shape of the room.


So how do you design the layout of your bedroom? In Oak.storeWe've rounded up the top things to consider when measuring your bedroom for new or existing furniture.


Solid wood bed

Where to put your bed

The largest and most important piece of furniture in your room, bed It is without a doubt the first thing you should consider in your arrangement. Bedrooms are usually laid out with the foot of the bed closest to the door and the headboard in the middle of the opposite wall. But you also have to take lighting into account. Adapt this setting to wake up to the sun, especially if you have good eyesight.

If you are someone who likes to snuggle up in the evenings and watch TV from bed, you may also want to think about how your bed fits. If it makes more sense to have the bed near the door, make sure you have enough space to open and close it, as well as a clear hallway through the room. Remember that you will probably walk into the room several times a day; Make sure to give yourself a welcoming entrance!

If you are working with a smaller room, there is nothing to say that you cannot push one side of the bed against the wall to save space. Make sure you don't clutter other furniture too close to the free side of the bed, or the foot of the bed, to avoid a cluttered appearance or hectic sleeping environment.

 natural wood bedside table

How to organize your nightstands

Our nightstands They are the true heroes of your bedroom furniture. They not only complete the look, they are an essential part of your daily routine. The home of your lamp, where you charge your phone and where you store your important and easily accessible belongings, are a bedroom staple.

As a general rule of thumb, your nightstand should be roughly the same height as your mattress, for optimal practicality and style. You should also sit no more than 60 cm deep so as not to obstruct movement in and out of bed.

Have fun with the style of your nightstands; choose the same range as your bed for a cohesive look, or mix and match for a more fun look. Choose options with drawers or cabinets according to your favorite use and complement with your favorite lighting styles.


Where should you put your closet

Un closet It's a basic storage piece in any bedroom, especially if you're working with a small room.

When it comes to the layout of your wardrobe, it comes down to the surrounding space. Find a corner or a tidy spot to put your wardrobe, but make sure you have left enough room for the doors and drawers to open fully. And don't forget your browsing space!

You may also want to think about where the wardrobe is in relation to other features, such as the mirror, to facilitate your preparation routine.


How to organize extra storage

 comfortable natural wood sideboard

With the three furniture in the master bedroom in tow, it's time to think about other necessary furniture for your space. How much storage space will you need and how will it fit? Think about the shape of your room. It might be worth tracing your room measurements on a piece of paper, or alternatively, use masking tape or cardboard to trace the location of this furniture around your bed, nightstand, and closet.

There are so many solutions of storage in various shapes and sizes to choose from. Do you lack space for a traditional dresser? Think about something high to accommodate it in a small corner, or even a box of blankets at the foot of the bed.

If your bedroom is more spacious, why not take a look at larger, more eye-catching pieces, as options for large drawers and storage cabinets? Whatever the size of your bedroom, there is nothing worse than a cluttered space, both for your style and for your well-being. Sort out everything you can in practical storage solutions and keep your precious space.


Practical features: desks and dressers.

natural wood dressing table

Traditionally, a bedroom has been the place to sleep and store clothes, but like all rooms in the house, it is constantly evolving. What other roles does your bedroom play in your life?

While a dressing table at the window may be the dream of many, is it just a waste of space? If you normally prepare in the bathroom, it may not be a necessary feature.

With many people working from home more and more, your room can also be the home for your study or work. Consider a window setup for an optimal work environment, but be sure to measure your desk to make sure you have enough room to move a chair in and out.


Bringing furniture into your bedroom

Before going ahead and making any purchases, it is important to remember how the furniture will arrive in your bedroom. When you measure your furniture to place it, take a note and compare it with all the inputs necessary to place the piece in the room. What doors will he have to go through and at what angle? Make sure you've taken horizontal measurements to be absolutely sure it will fit.

Will you need to go upstairs or down a narrow hallway? Make sure you have enough headroom as well as room to move around the railings. Don't forget anything external to your property as well. If your building has an elevator, measure both the door and the interior of the elevator.

Bedroom: shapes and style

Before you go and choose pieces that fit your desired spaces, take a moment to also consider the best way to optimize the shape of your room. If the shape of your room is relatively uneven, for example, you might consider using rounder furniture to soften the edges, such as a Roundtable or a soft chair.

Now you should be ready to get creative with your bedroom setup! Find the perfect pieces for your bedroom in our fantastic collection of bedroom furniture!

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