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Special Guide to TV Stand Sizes

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on May 29 2020

Guía especial de tamaños de soporte de TV

Search in a variety of sizes tv stands It doesn't have to be complicated. These tips make it easy to set up the perfect entertainment center, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, no matter what screen it's playing on!


Understand the actual size of your television

Did you know that the advertised size of a television does not accurately reflect how much space it actually takes up? This is because the dimensions of a television are taken from diagonal (rather than horizontal) measurements. If, for example, you see a television that is advertised as a "50-inch (127 cm) television, what the advertisement says is that the television screen is 50 inches (127 cm)  from the left corner to the upper right corner.

Does it make sense so far? Good, because it's about to get a little more complicated. The advertised (diagonal) dimensions of a television only represent the screen. In other words, the 50 inches (127 cm) of a 50-inch television does not include the frame around the screen (also known as the bezel).

All of this makes trying to determine the best TV mount size for your TV a bit tricky, and while the easiest solution would be to get TV manufacturers to just advertise the actual size of their TVs, it doesn't seem like it's going to. be will happen anytime soon. Fortunately, taking matters into your own hands doesn't have to be complicated.

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Step 1: find the actual width of a television

Finding the best TV stand size is about calculating the width of your TV. To do this, use a tape measure to measure the full width of your TV, from the left edge of the frame to the right. Write it down and remember it when it's time to buy a booth! Also note that if you don't have a tape measure or other measuring tool on hand, you can also call the manufacturer or look up the full product details on the manufacturer's website.

Remember: finding the right size stand for your TV is not just about aesthetics. Placing a large television on a stand that is the same size or smaller than the frame of the television can pose a serious security risk.


Step 2: Find the height of the TV stand

It is a general rule that the center of the screen should be placed at or just below eye level. Making sure your TV stays in a comfortable position involves a few simple maths: measure the distance from the floor to the average line of sight of viewers in your home, and subtract half the height of the TV. The perfect height for your TV stand will fall within 2,5 - 5 cm Of the difference.


Step 3: find the width of the TV stand

Because televisions are measured diagonally and TV consoles are measured horizontally, be sure to record and consider your screen width when choosing your console. We recommend getting a console that is at least 5-10 cm wider than your TV.

Expert Tip: The recommended TV viewing distance is about twice the size of your screen. For example, if you have a 137 cm TV, place the TV and position yourself at least 275 cm from the viewing area.

Please note that because the size of the frame around the TV screen varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, the table above should be taken only as a general recommendation and not as a strict guide. Always use good judgment when organizing televisions, TV stands, and other heavy furniture!

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Large TV stands, medium TV stands and small TV stands

To simplify your search for the perfect TV stand size, we have divided TV stands into three main groups: Large TV stands, Medium TV stands y Small TV stands.

SoTV ports big

With sleek drawers, shelves, and built-in compartments, large TV mounts provide an impressive way to show your style and hide cables and wires, all while supporting your TV.

Common sizes: 187 cm, 193 cm and 215 cm

Ideal for: the living room

Also known as: entertainment centers, media consoles, TV consoles

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Medium TV stands

Medium TV stands offer just the right amount of floor space and storage capacities, making it easy to elevate the height and style of your TV, no matter the size of your space.

Common sizes: 162 cm and 177 cm

Ideal for: living room or bedroom

Also known as: TV credenzas, tv consoles

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STV stands small

Small TV stands offer sturdy stand, sleek style, and compact design, making it easier to elevate your TV without taking up additional space.

Common sizes: 106 cm,  137 cm and 152 cm

Ideal for: the bedroom

Also know as: tv credenzas, TV consoles

solid wood TV cabinet

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