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Buying guide: How to choose a bookshelf or bookcase

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on May 24 2020

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Every house needs at least one shelving to show everything from books to framed photos. If you are looking for the first shelf in your home, or just need to add a new one to your current collection, you should study this guide. After all, there are so many options on the market that you're probably having trouble deciding which one is best for your home. Here's what you need to know before you go looking for shelves.


¿How big do you need your shelf to be?


One of the most basic considerations is the size you want this piece of furniture to be. This will depend on some factors. First, how much space do you have in the room you plan to place it in? If there is a lot of open space, you can choose one wide shelf that is several feet wide.


But if there is not much space, you will have to go up, not go out, which means that you will need a highest shelf if you want to store a lot in it. And if you don't have much to put first, one or more small shelves they may be adequate. So be sure to measure the room before buying.

solid wood shelf 

If you have children in your home, consider the purpose of the bookshelf: Do you want your children to be able to access what's on the bookshelf's shelves? If so, a shorter option may be best. Otherwise, a high shelf may be adequate so you can keep fragile or special items out of the reach of small hands. Just be sure to mount it on the wall if you have!


¿What type of shelf do you want?


 There are many shelves on the market, so think about the look you like and what you need to fit this piece of furniture.

If you are thinking of a basic bookshelf For storing books or displaying knickknacks, a standard bookshelf should be right for you. This can be tall or wide, with the back open or closed.

wooden bookcase

Another option is the cube shelf. While standard shelves tend to have long shelves, cube storage options have square shelves where you can place books, decorative baskets, or boxes. This gives you the option to easily hide some of your stuff from view.


There are shelves used to decorate more than to store. Yes, to place those ornaments, baskets or photos that we do not know where to put, but the books in them are totally secondary. They are perfect for living rooms, as they can provide color in a corner or can be used to separate environments. The important thing in them is not to saturate them with things and to place only the beautiful ornaments that we want to show off. To make them perfect, classify the objects by "type of decoration" or color. Thus, the result is very attractive.

oak wood shelf 

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