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How to remove wood odor from cabinets

Published on July 01 2024

How to remove wood odor from cabinets

The solid wood cabinets are prized for their durability and beauty, but they can sometimes emit a distinctive odor that can be annoying. In this guide, we'll provide you with effective methods on how to remove wood odor from cabinets, with specific tips for kitchen cabinets. Read on to learn how to keep your cabinets fresh and odor-free!


How to remove wood odor from cabinets

1. Deep Cleaning

The first step in eliminating wood odor is to thoroughly clean the inside of the cabinet. Use a solution of warm water with mild soap or diluted white vinegar. Clean all surfaces, including the walls, shelves and doors. Be sure to dry the cabinet completely after cleaning.

Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda is known for its ability to absorb odors. Place several small containers of baking soda inside the closet and leave them there for a few days. The baking soda will help neutralize the wood odor. Remember to change the baking soda every few weeks to maintain its effectiveness.

3. Activated Carbon

Activated charcoal is another excellent odor absorber. You can find it in the form of sachets or powder. Place the activated charcoal in various spots in the closet and let it work. This method is especially useful for eliminating lingering odors.

4. Essential Oils

Essential oils not only mask the smell of wood, but can also have disinfectant properties. Mix a few drops of lavender, lemon or eucalyptus essential oil with water in a spray bottle and spray the inside of the closet. This will not only freshen the space, but also leave a pleasant scent.

5. Ventilation

Make sure the closet has good ventilation. Open the closet doors for several hours a day to allow fresh air to circulate. If possible, place a fan near the closet to improve air circulation and speed up the odor removal process.

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How to remove wood odor from kitchen cabinets?

1. White vinegar

White vinegar is effective in eliminating odors in kitchen cabinets. Place a container of white vinegar inside the cabinet and leave it there overnight. The vinegar will help neutralize odors without leaving a strong residue. For maximum effectiveness, pre-clean the cabinet with a vinegar and water solution.

2. Ground Coffee

Coffee grounds are another excellent odor neutralizer. Place a container of fresh ground coffee in the kitchen cupboard and let it sit for a few days. The coffee will absorb the odors and leave a pleasant aroma. Change the ground coffee every week to maintain its effectiveness.

3. Lemon and Salt

For kitchen cabinets, a mixture of lemon and salt can be very useful. Cut a lemon in half, sprinkle salt over the pulp and rub the cabinet surfaces. The lemon disinfects and leaves a fresh scent, while the salt helps remove any residue that may be causing the odor.

4. Herbal Cloth Bags

Place small cloth bags filled with aromatic herbs such as lavender, rosemary or mint inside kitchen cabinets. These herbs not only absorb odors, but also add a fresh, natural scent. Change the bags every few weeks to maintain freshness.



Removing wood odor from cabinets is possible with some simple and natural methods. Whether using baking soda, activated charcoal, essential oils or ventilation, you can keep your cabinets fresh and odor-free. For kitchen cabinets, consider using white vinegar, ground coffee, lemon and salt, or aromatic herbs. At Roble.Store, we are dedicated to offering you practical and effective solutions to keep your wood furniture in the best condition.

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