How to choose bedside tables for your bedroom
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How to choose bedside tables for your bedroom

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on May 13 2020

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The height of your bedside table should be level with the top of your mattress. Remember to take into account the height of your bed frame when measuring your nightstand. The standard nightstand height falls between 50 and 60 cm, from the floor to the top of a mattress. Common mattresses generally have a height of 50 inches. Deciding on the height of nightstands is an incredibly important task for the scale of your bedroom. A shorter nightstand can negatively affect the overall look. To counteract this, always look for a nightstand size that is taller than your mattress.


In addition to the look and design of your bedroom, nightstands add functionality. Consider what goes into a nightstand when choosing design and capacity. For excessive storage, our ELSA 30 o LAURA 1 features closed doors to hide your belongings. Alternatively, opt for a nightstand with a single drawer and an open shelf like the Valencia. This nightstand holds the decor you want to display while hiding everything you don't have. Made of solid oak wood, this table is a stylish accent to any bedroom aesthetic.

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The number of nightstands in a bedroom depends on your space. Whether you're looking for a nightstand on each side of your bed, or just one for a chosen side, determining what your bedroom can hold is an important step for the dimensions of your nightstand. At Oak.Store we sell nightstands in sets of two, so you can easily choose one of our designs and place them fashionably in your bedroom. Our nightstand ELSA nightstand is made of solid oak wood and includes two stands. Repeat the textures of these nightstands throughout the room for added style. Create balance in the bedroom by matching the scale of your king size bed with your nightstands. Avoid mismatching the height and size of your furniture, as this leaves your room cluttered. The best nightstands for small spaces are those that are small in scale. Choose a table with as much storage as you can find to increase the capacity of your home.


Deciding on style is the most fun part of choosing a nightstand: this is where you can match something to your interests, contributing to the theme of your home. First, consider color. Create harmony through color easily by matching your bed frame to your nightstand. Our white oak color is perfect to match a white bed frame. Choose a wood nightstand to add a natural element to the urban setting and repeat these wood accents throughout the room for an elegant recurrence. At Roble.Store we have a wide selection of wood nightstands, and one of our most popular is Escandi. Its Scandinavian style brings a Nordic character and charm. Each nightstand is unique from one another. Select two nightstands contrasting in medium, color and size. Make sure each table is consistent in a matching element to make your mix and match theme successful. Think outside the box and place a lamp next to your bed.


Place a nightstand among your living room furniture for a stylish and functional side table to hold drinks, reading materials and TV remotes. Small spaces require furniture that can be used in a variety of ways. Choose a lamp table with an open frame to use in front of the TV, as a stool and in place of a coffee table.

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