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20 modern Scandinavian bedroom ideas

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on Jul 14 2020

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Create a simple and modern sleeping space with our Scandinavian-style room ideas.

How to create a Scandinavian-inspired room

A modern Scandinavian sleeping space is minimalist yet cozy, with a lack of clutter. Try these ideas to create a relaxing Scandinavian-style room, from functional wooden furniture to cozy gray fabrics.

Choosing Scandinavian style bedroom furniture

Clean lines and practicality define modern Scandinavian bedroom furniture. Here are some ideas for getting the most important items in your room, from choosing one bed until a storage flexible.

scandinavian style room

Go discreet and free of luxuries

Scandinavian-style bedroom furniture is understated and firm with no frills. Look for simple pieces, like a solid oak bed frame. It will act as a blank canvas for textured fabrics. Read the next section to find out how to design a scandinavian style bed with soft furniture.

Embrace long legs

Long, tapered legs are a standout feature of Scandinavian furniture. For example, this dressing table Contemporary Scandi Oak makes a bold statement, but it's also practical. Functional solid wood furnitureWith clean lines and curved edges, they are ideal for creating a Scandinavian-style bedroom.


solid oak wood desk

Save your mess

To reduce clutter, you'll need to organize and store your clothes effectively. Try a cabinet with a fully configurable layout, so you can find what you need quickly. Look for Scandinavian-inspired design features like integrated slotted handles - add a minimalist look to storage.

Focus on utility and practicality

Furniture is used sparingly in Scandinavian-inspired rooms. It should always be useful as well as aesthetically pleasing. A table With lamp provides useful space next to your bed for books and coffee, while you can store cozy fabrics and winter blankets in a blanket box at the bottom of your bed.


oak wood furniture

Design a Scandinavian style bed with soft furniture

A modern Scandi room is simple and comfortable, it should make you feel calm and cozy. Here are some ideas on how to design a bed with soft furniture. You will have a relaxing space in a short time.

Invest in a big quilt

For that feeling of sleeping on a cloud, be sure to start with a plump duvet and perfectly fluffy pillows. Remember to choose a comfortable and appropriate tog rating for the time of year.

Keep bedding simple

Pale, plain colors work well for a Scandinavian-style bed. Don't overload with patterns. Try combining classic white sheets and pillowcases with a gray or smoky blue duvet cover.

Try ironless crumpled linen sheets

Put that iron away and invest in some rumpled linen sheets for a chic chic Scandi. Your bed should look attractive and ready to sleep, not pristine and untouchable.

Get comfortable with thick fabrics

Add a fitted layer with a knit shot. Look for thick, natural fabrics in a complementary color to the comforter. A subtle one-color print or geometric pattern can add additional interest.

Stack the scattered cushions

A Scandinavian-style bed is not complete without a scatter cushion or two. If possible, try to match the launch and avoid the conflicting patterns - you are creating a quiet space to relax.

 solid wood furniture

Scandinavian room decor: how to do it right

From taking the forest indoors to minimalist art, Scandinavian room decor doesn't have to be complicated. Here are some easy decorating ideas to create a Scandinavian-inspired room.

Maximize light and space

Light and space are important to this look, so avoid overly demanding or extravagant decor. Smooth painted walls act as a bare canvas for a careful selection of tapestries or paintings.

Expose your floorboards

Natural oak boards are ideal for Scandi-style rooms. Solid or engineered wood is the reality, but weathered wood-style laminate or textured vinyl tile can be just as compelling.

Add a thick mat

Add comfort to a wood or wood-look floor with rugs: We recommend a gray or single-color rug with geometric or people-inspired patterns. Look for thick, hand-knit styles.

Bring the forest inside

Nature, specifically the forest, is a popular spot for Scandi rooms. Hang some prints of wild or Nordic animals.

Fool the eye with mirrors and lighting

To make the room feel more spacious and airy, invest in reliable light sources and mirrors. A rough sawn natural oak mirror and this range of rustic floating wood lights are ideal.

The best colors for a modern Scandi room

When it comes to color in Scandinavian room decor, less is more. Simple minimalist white and gray are the obvious options, but you can get away with pops of color if you're careful.


scandinavian style furniture

Use white or muted colors

White walls combined with a natural hardwood floor and gray bedding are a good starting point. Muted grayish colors, like cool pinks, moss greens, and smoky blues, may work well, too. Try to stay white, gray, and maybe one or two accent colors at most.


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