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We help you visualize your space for the wooden dining table

Maria P.G.

Posted on November 05 2021

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La dining table It is a piece of furniture that is rarely used just as a dining surface, it has become a place to work, a place to gather and reconnect, or to participate in family activities such as arts and crafts with your little ones. It goes without saying that choosing the perfect dining table for your home is worth it as it is a great investment.

We help you visualize your dining space

Start by measuring the length and width of the area that you are going to dedicate to the dining room space. Next, think about how you are going to use the table. Think that the space for each diner should be approximately 65 cm, space that we also have for the chair. The distance between the edge of your dining table set and the wall, or any other furniture, should be around 90 cm. This will allow you to have enough room to move your chair and have room to walk around the table.

Here we propose some dining table options regarding space.

Which is better?

It all depends on the use you want to give it. We give you some ideas according to its shape:

Rectangular: The shape of a rectangular dining table is perhaps the most common, and there is good reason for it, most dining rooms are too. A table of extendable rectangular dining room It is also a good option in case you need to seat more guests. 

Ideally, a rectangular table should be between 90 and 110 cm wide. Narrower rectangles can work well in a narrow room, but if the table is narrower than 90 feet, you may find it difficult to place silverware on both sides and have enough space to place food on the table. If you prefer to have a narrow table, you may want to consider placing your food on a Dresser or at a buffet table, so guests can help themselves before sitting down. 

On the other hand, rectangular dining table but with rounded edges and corners, without needing to become oval, visually it seems to take up less space than a rectangle due to the rounded corners. You may want to consider such a table if you have a narrower or smaller room and sometimes you may need to seat more people.

Square: Square-shaped rooms look best with a square dining table. Square dining tables are also a good solution if you don't have a large group to sit down most of the time. A extendable square table It is also a good option for those times when you need to accommodate more guests. 


One benefit of having square tables is that they provide privacy and a satisfying solution for seating a small number of people. It can be unpleasant to have a large rectangular table if there are only two or three people present for most of your meals; a larger table can make the space feel cold.

round: The square table is not the only solution for a smaller or square-shaped room. A round dining table It is another possibility, and it is one of the best ways for small gatherings, since everyone can see each other, the conversations are easier to have and the atmosphere feels more welcoming and intimate. 

If you prefer a round table to a rectangular one and you think you may need to seat a larger number of people from time to time, consider a extendable round table. That way, you can use your dining table most of the time, but extend it when you have company.

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