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Organize the living room in 30 minutes

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on May 16 2020

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Organizing the living room is challenging because the living room (or family room) has many functions. Are you supposed to use the same space to relax, entertain, play, eat, and possibly exercise? Given the sheer number of things they're used for, it's no wonder that living rooms often end up cluttered. As you enter any living room, you can see piles of mail, unread magazines, scattered toys, and exercise equipment.

Remove foreign items

Take a basket or a trash can and walk around the room. Pick up everything that doesn't belong in your living room that is contributing to an obvious state of clutter and put it in the basket. Return items belonging to another room to their storage spaces, then return items in the room to their appropriate storage spaces. Pillows that have landed on the floor can return to the sofa; boots can return through the front door or in the closet, and so on. Also, take this time to throw those dying flowers in the vase on the mantel, or any other trash you find.

Create a home for lost and found

If you find something that belongs in the living room but doesn't have a suitable place, create one. So if there are multiple remote controls scattered around the room, please choose a convenient place to gather them each time. The coffee table, the tv cabinetIt doesn't matter exactly where, as long as the location works for you. What matters is from now on, the remote controls will have a constant home.

Similarly, make sure books, magazines, and cushions have a home, so they create lots of clutter. If you process your mail in the living room, have a container or file folder on hand for that task.

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Clear the "disaster area"

Most rooms have a corner or cabinet, which functions as the designated disaster area, even when most of the room is fairly well organized.

If you have major clutter centers in your living room, like a side table that is loaded with random stray items, now you can eat. It will make the whole room look cleaner.

Get Nitpicky

A very simple step in organizing any room that does not require money or products, and almost no time, is simply to straighten everything and align it. This is called "facing."

This applies to smaller items like books in your shelving, decorations on the fireplace and blankets folded on a chest, as well as chairs and tables. When everything is crooked, it can make a room look a lot more cluttered than it actually is, and when your space looks out of control, you can start to feel that way too. But even if it seems obvious, quickly straighten everything from pencils to his desk Even the sofa cushions can have a big impact.

Think about function

Is there something about being in the room that always bothers you, some action that always seems inconvenient to you? For example, maybe every time you sit in the living room and watch TV, you remember something you need to buy at the pharmacy, and you have to go to the kitchen to write it on your shopping list or risk forgetting it forever. Solve this now by taking a notepad and pen and placing them on the coffee table, at your reach.

oak wood coffee table

Make a plan

If the problem is something you can't fix now, make a note to fix it later. You could spot some issues like this while organizing, maybe stacking your magazines made you see that a magazine rack it would be a convenient addition to the room. Or maybe you realized that having a recycle bin for newspapers or a basket for cat toys would help keep your living room organized in the long run. Take a few minutes now to make future organization plans.

Get rid of something

Now that you've tidied up, pitted and straightened your living room, it's a good time to pick something (an old, broken chair you're never going to have time to repair? A rug that wasn't your style at first place?) And get rid of of the. Let it go and free up some space in the living room. If you have children, a good place to start is with their toys. Is there something they are giving up right? Ask them to help you choose some items to donate.

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