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New models of wooden chairs for dining room, kitchen or desk

Maria P.G.

Posted on December 10 2021

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Do not miss the opportunity to combine our solid oak dining tables and desks with the new models of chairs that you will find on our website and showroom. Oak.Store

It's not until you start shopping for new dining room chairs that you realize that the decision is far from easy: prices vary widely, the range of styles is almost endless, and all the practicalities have to be taken into account. 

We suggest that you start by deciding what feel or style you want your dining space to have. The easiest way to decide what style you want to achieve is to do your research. Once you know the direction you want to go, all other options will be much easier.


Minimalist design wooden dining chairs in oak finishes require little maintenance. Another thing to consider before buying wood dining chairs is the other wood finishes in your dining space - if you have wood floors or other wood furniture, you need to think about how the different shades will match.

One of the main considerations is the type of material of the chair, in Oak.Store We suggest the ones made of upholstered fabric or wood.

Upholstered chairs often create a more formal look and can offer more comfort. In addition, they offer the opportunity to introduce colors for those who want to add a touch of class to their dining space. 

Our Oak Wood Dining Chair Alexis It is a piece with a lot of character, it follows the natural and almost organic lines of the latest trend. With its seat and back upholstered in Nordic Gray or Green Life that brings that touch of elegance to your living room or dining room.

We always suggest that you measure your area and use masking tape to trace the size of the furniture. It is convenient to leave a comfortable space between the chairs around the dining table. Don't forget to measure the height from the floor to the table and take into account the height of the armrests if you want to slide the dining chairs under the table.

Another of our novelties is the chair The that fits perfectly both in living rooms and kitchens or for desk. You can freely match the Nordic style, casual style, modern style, etc. to meet your different needs.

It goes without saying that the quality of the chair is important, especially if you are looking for pieces that will last a long time (let's end this era of disposable furniture). Dining chairs can be put to the test with the weight they have to support, so make sure you buy one that is structurally sound.

The choice of a chair with or without arms is another variable (although this can be included in the style section above). It's a personal choice whether or not you want to have arms, and you can even mix things up by having dining chairs with arms at the head of the table and armless chairs at the sides. Armless dining chairs take up less space around the table, as well as less visual space (for those who have small dining spaces and want to create the illusion of space).


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