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Rustic solid oak furniture for your home

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on January 22 2021

Rustic solid oak furniture for your home


   Are you a fan of natural wood furniture for your home? Are you looking for the right for the perfect coffee table or are you trying to create a kitchen feel? Check out rustic oak furniture is the answer to all of these questions and more.

   Oak furniture offers a wonderfully natural look that will create a homey and comfortable atmosphere in your home. It allows the wood to speak for itself and does not detract with a complicated or showy design. This is because oak is a naturally stunning material, with a fabulous grain pattern that is naturally warm and elegant. Finished with just one coat of 100% ECO Tung Oil oil to intensify the color and protect and preserve the wood, rustic oak furniture is simply special.

   Oak furniture is a popular choice for living rooms and living roomskitchens and bedrooms and, in fact, for any room in the house. It is a perennial favorite because of its high quality, which gives it great strength and durability, and its beautiful natural look.

   Although oak never goes out of style (which is good because it can last for decades), like everything else it follows trends. In recent times, slowly increasing in popularity, rustic oak furniture will become a firm favorite in 2021, leading the way in home styling.

NordicStory Rustic oak solid wood dining table

   Shiny, showy, more modern materials are losing popularity while, in these times of austerity, we are comforted by the warm and stable presence of good old oak, without forgetting that it lasts forever.

NordicStory Solid wood oak chairs

   At Oak.Store we offer several pieces of furniture that will adapt to your needs, whether you are looking for a dining table with wooden chairs or a cupboard, office furniture or a bedside table. Don't forget to visit our showroom in Avenida Diagonal 352, Barcelona, 08013.

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