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Solid wood furniture and health

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on March 08 2023

NordicStory muebles de madera maciza de roble estilo nordico escandinavo

In order to enjoy a good life, it is important that we take care of our health. It is likely that we are aware of those habits that affect us and we make the decision to change them, but there are also other factors that harm us and that we are completely unaware of.

For example, the choice of home furniture is a determining factor for our health, and many people are unaware of this.

For this reason, we need to buy furniture that is made of a natural material that is less prone to deterioration and disease, and that does not pollute the air in our home.

NordicStory Nordic Scandinavian style solid oak wood furniture

Nordic Story Collection "Elsa"

Solid wood is one of the best materials because it has many benefits for our health. Therefore, it is important to buy furniture made with this material and thus reduce our worries.

Why choose solid wood furniture?

Some furniture can emit chemicals that are harmful to our health and well-being. Furniture manufacturers, in certain processes, can add products such as formaldehyde, butanol, benzene, and others when making hardboard.

All these chemicals are harmful, so it is best to buy what is known as "healthy furniture", that is, those that are made of solid wood and have been treated with natural products.

These do not emit toxic gases, and therefore are totally safe to include in our bedroom, living room or dining room. They are the excellent solution for the children's room, because this way they stay healthy without the influence of harmful substances on them.

Among other reasons to choose solid wood furniture are the following:

  • They do not pollute: being "healthy furniture" means that they do not have any harmful element or chemical substance that will contaminate our home or affect our health.
  • NordicStory Nordic Scandinavian style solid oak wood furnitureNordic Story Chest of drawers "NIels"
  • They are innocuous: since the production of solid wood furniture is characterized by drying processes in the open air and to lower its humidity, they do not generate waste for the environment, so they are completely sustainable.
  • They create pleasant spaces: solid wood furniture is ideal for creating a natural and pleasant space within the home. Being made with an ecological material like oak, they remind us of nature and that can also bring well-being to our lives.
  • They bring life and joy: solid wood does not have to be monotonous, quite the contrary, since there are many pieces of furniture that are designed with beautiful lines that make the room look elegant and sophisticated. Therefore, our health will be increased when we have beautiful furniture that gives us joy and vitality.

Solid oak furniture is perfect for the home. In fact, in some hospitals in Japan this material is used to generate warm environments that promote the physical and mental recovery of the people confined in these places.

NordicStory Scandinavian Nordic style solid oak wood shoe rack

Nordic Story shoe cabinet "Escandi"

Therefore, solid wood is perfect for our health. If what you are looking for is the best solid oak wood furniture, in Oak.Store you will find everything you need to make your home a healthy and sustainable one.

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