Great bedrooms start here - Roble.Store

Great bedrooms start here - Roble.Store

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on January 25 2021

NordicStory Cama de madera maciza roble nordico

    Your bedroom should be the ultimate personal retreat, the perfect space to kick back, relax, and prepare for a comfortable night's rest. In Oak.Store We provide bedroom furniture sets of all kinds, from the comfortable until closet, nightstands and beyond, all with our high quality standards, excellent attention to detail, and of course 100% solid oak.

NordicStory Solid Oak Wood Design Bedroom

    Storage is an essential element in any home, and unfortunately, most people don't always seem to have enough of it. The good news is that innovative ways to create additional storage space in the home have appeared over the years, including innovative furniture designs.

   Our beds and headboards They are designed for your best rest, made of solid oak finished with 100% ECO tung oil. A bed with drawers underneath is one of the most popular furniture options that will specifically provide additional storage space.

NordicStory Solid Oak 6-Drawer Bed

   Our double and triple cabinets, dressers and dressers have ample space to store your clothes and much more. Pamper yourself with one of our eye-catchers players and don't forget to complete your space with one of our elegant auxiliary tables.

NordicStory Solid wood furniture Nordic oak

   Don't forget about our special delivery in Barcelona and financing options for DRYNESS, that make updating your bedroom with stylish pieces from Oak Store easier than ever!

   Create a bedroom that is your own personal refuge. Our consultants have all the information on how to design a room that you will love and that will truly stand the test of time. Visit our showroom in Barcelona, ​​Avenida Diagonal 352.

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