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Buying guide: how to choose oak cabinets

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted June 21 2020

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Oak's warm appearance makes it particularly pleasing to the eye as bedroom furniture.

When choosing oak furniture items, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. Regarding oak cabinets, the size of oak furniture should be carefully considered, and the client should think about where in the room it will be placed, and whether or not there will be adequate space to accommodate it. Will the oak cabinet provide adequate storage space for the buyer's needs? Is the storage located at the base or top of the oak cabinet, or is it set aside? Will it be easily accessible to the buyer? Is it supplied as open shelves or sliding drawers?

solid oak cabinets

Our solid oak cabinets come in two or three parts (depending on the range) supplied in separate boxes. The main part of the oak wardrobe will be the largest, so its doors are also worth measuring, as many older houses have non-standard frames.

The range of styles of oak cabinets is considerable. All of our oak furniture designs are modern to meet today's needs, but have a traditional touch. Our oak cabinets They enhance any room by adding a sense of warmth and style and with a variety of wood tones they will pair well with any color scheme. There are a variety of oak cabinets to fit single rooms, double and even box. These beautifully constructed furniture pairs well as part of an oak furniture set or as a stand-alone feature.

The term "oak furniture" does not have the same meaning as "solid oak furniture", so be careful! Oak furniture can be solid oak mixed with solid ash, or glued solid wood pieces finished with oak veneer, or chipboard or MDF with an oak veneer finish. This is not as good quality as the solid oak furniture. All of our furniture is made from 100% hard solid wood, as advertised. Furniture with a chipboard / veneer finish will not have the same strength or durability. Also, you will be very surprised at the smell you will get in your room.

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See our complete selection of wooden cabinets. We are especially pleased with our new ELSA. The closets Valencia, Nordic, Scandi o Scandi Design they are also popular options.

All of our oak furniture, including oak cabinets, has a natural finish to enhance the distinctive oak grain. It is recommended that you treat your oak furniture with tung oil every three to four months to maintain a beautiful finish and to help keep it clean a simpler task.

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