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How to balance fashion with functionality

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on March 12 2020

NordicStory Muebles de roble madera maciza nordico

When designing a room, it doesn't matter if you are designing it in the Scandinavian style or in another esteemed style, the main ingredient is balance. One of the fascinating things about a Scandinavian home is the perfect marriage of form and function. A living room will generally look pretty, but it will also have everything you need to feel comfortable.

In the planning phase, think of everything you need to make the room work perfectly for you and your lifestyle. Some questions you can ask yourself are: What surfaces do you need? Will you need a standard or modular sofa? When it comes to furniture, consider very high quality natural materials like leather, Solid wood, wool and linen, that will resist the passage of time, and remember to add many blankets, cushions and candles as well as you must incorporate plants and flowers.

 Scandinavians often turn to outdoor nature for inspiration, which is why plants and flowers are popular. You can also collect pebbles and shells from a nearby beach. If you don't live close to shore, conkers and forest acorns also make a nice seasonal display, especially when placed in a glass jar with a simple white candle in the center. A living element adds beauty and color to the home, which makes us feel even closer to nature.

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