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NordicStory "Einstein 2" solid oak wood desk with floating shelf 140 x 55 x 106 cm.


Natural Oak
Bleached Oak

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Delivery in 3-4 weeks

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The desk einstein 2 It is ideal for interiors such as studies or reading areas. It is robust, thanks to its solid oak structure, it is also very functional. You will not be able to resist for long the charm of this wonderful desk!


Equipment: Solid oak wood.

Colors: Natural Oak and Bleached Oak.

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Size: Length: 140 cm. Width: 55 cm. Height: 106 cm.

Weight: approx. 60,0 kg

Easy and quick to assemble. No experience is needed. All you have to do is mount the legs.

Finished with BIO oil.

Specifications and maintenance: Easy to clean with a soft or slightly damp cloth. Avoid contact with aggressive chemicals. Before using the tables, we recommend covering the worktop with wood wax, so that a thin layer of protection is formed against the absorption of liquids. All other furniture 1-2 times a year should be treated with tung oil to protect and moisturize the wood.

Made in Europe.

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