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NordicStory Bookcase Solid oak wood bookcase "Regal 3x3" 112,2 x 35 x 112,2 cm.


Natural Oak
Bleached Oak

Delivery in 5-8 weeks

Delivery in 5-8 weeks

Delivery in 5-8 weeks

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Bookseller gift 3x3 composed of nine shelves offers you ample storage space. In addition, it not only presents an elegant and elegant Nordic style but also has a solid solid oak wood frame. Therefore, this piece adapts perfectly to different domestic spaces, study, living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.


Makings: Solid oak wood.

Colors: Natural Oak and Bleached Oak.

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Size: Length 112,2 cm X Width 35 cm X Height 112,2 cm.

Weight: approx. 43 kg.

Easy and quick to assemble. No experience is required.

Finished with BIO oil.

Specifications and maintenance: Easy to clean with a soft or slightly damp cloth. Avoid contact with aggressive chemicals. Before using the tables, we recommend covering the worktop with wood wax, so that a thin layer of protection is formed against the absorption of liquids. All other furniture 1-2 times a year should be treated with tung oil to protect and moisturize the wood.

Made in Europe.

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