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Handmade oak wine rack TWIST, wine stand for 4 bottles


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the bottle rack Twist is an elegant wine rack, designed to highlight the quality of the wood. The slender, wavy shape of the stand emphasizes the unique grain pattern, which in combination with the use of precious metals creates an extraordinary decorative piece of furniture for any interior. The vertical arrangement of the bottles allows the holder to be placed almost anywhere in your home, ensuring a stylish place to store 4 bottles of wine.



Equipment: Solid oak wood 

Colors: Nut.

Ccapacity: 4 bottles

Size: Length 24 cm X Width 36 cm X Height 155 cm.

Hole diameter: 8,5 cm.


100% ECO finish.  Oil-wax.

Specifications and maintenance: Eco-friendly and easy to clean with a dry cloth. Avoid contact with aggressive chemicals.

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