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Photos needed in case of damage

If the merchandise is damaged, we need 3 photographs to prove it:

1. Photo of the merchandise damaged in its entirety- The photo must show the damage in its entirety and not just a detail. If the damage is not perceptible in a general shot, it will be necessary to add one more image of the article where it is shown. In case more than one damaged item is found, take the photo by grouping all the items in a single image.  

2. Photo of the outer packaging, including the shipping company label: the photo must show that the shipment has been made with the transport company and that the claim corresponds to the contracted shipment. We request that the photo be taken at a distance where the shipping label is visible.

3. Photo of the merchandise with inner packaging: the photo must show that the packaging used has protected the contents during transport. We request an image of the damaged merchandise placed inside the packaging, as it originally arrived at the recipient. Do not throw away the used packaging: Keep the damaged merchandise as well as its packaging, the merchandise must not be repaired or manipulated until the expert proceedings are carried out.