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The 5 most common mistakes in Scandinavian interior design

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on November 20 2020

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    Color background. It is necessary to clearly understand, the white background is the basis of the Scandinavian style, without it the interior will never be truly Scandinavian.

    Wall decorations. It is better not to use family photos, children's drawings, bright paintings to decorate the walls, so as not to miss the style.

    Vintage accessories. Antiques found at flea markets and grandma's legacy can be incorporated into the interior in a laconic Scandinavian style. But there is also a rule: this object must be one and somehow be linked to the idea of ​​the whole room.

    Excess stucco. Even with high ceilings, resist the urge to decorate the ceiling and walls with cornices, rosettes, and other classic trim.

    Bright curtains. It would be more appropriate to hang heavy monophonic curtains of dense colors or translucent paper shutters. And one more important point: the cornice is always attached to the wall, not to the ceiling.

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