Complete your living room with our solid oak coffee tables.
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Complete your living room with our solid wood coffee tables.

Maria PG

Published on December 23 2021

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Choosing a coffee table is something you think you know how to do instinctively... until it's time to find one. That's why we've made this post, so you don't have to guess what size, shape or type you need to make the perfect match with your sofa. 

The coffee table, so functional, so often an afterthought. Sofas get all the glory in the living room, and it's true that they make us feel comfortable, but the coffee table is also a fundamental piece of the living room. It holds drinks, remote controls, beloved tech gadgets, treasured trinkets and, for better or worse, take-out dinners at the end of a long day. Desktop or craft table. With such a large and diverse job, you'd assume it would be one of the first pieces of furniture you think of when moving to a new place and/or redecorating...except it usually isn't.

How many hours do we spend picking out the perfect sofa, the perfect rug, the perfect chairs for our living room...only to buy a secondhand coffee table? We're sure many of you have already discussed choosing a table, but regardless of which side you're on, you may need a little guidance or inspiration when it comes to buying a coffee table. We've put together a buying guide of the best coffee tables we have in solid oak, natural and bleached - square, rectangular and nesting - and a few rules to keep in mind when choosing a coffee table.

First things first: the rules. While you can, of course, opt for whatever shape and size you want, to make the relationship between coffee table and sofa ideal, here are some general things to keep in mind: The coffee table should be at least half the length of the sofa (but no more than ⅔ of the length) and should be at the same height as the seat, plus or minus 10 cm (i.e. if your sofa is 230 cm long and 50 cm high, you should look for something, no matter the shape, that is between 115 and 140 cm wide and between 20 and 50 cm high). However, if you have a sectional with chaise, and your table goes inside the open L-shape that creates the sofa shape, that 1/2 to 2/3 guideline is best applied only to the horizontal seat length, rather than the overall length of the sofa. Here's a quick graphic to show you what we mean: 

Consider a rectangle if you have a standard sofa (or an extra-long sofa with chaise) so everyone can easily access their coffee, cocktail or snack. It's also a good option if you have a tight space with little room to walk around. If you have more remote controls or tech cords in your home than you can count, consider getting a table with functional drawers .

Leo is a beautiful coffee table made of solid European oak with a unique and versatile design. Together with our Sofiside table , you will create an authentic, homey and comfortable atmosphere.

It can be used as a side table, bedside table, standing or lying down, you choose.

Whether you have a large, comfortable sectional sofa or the traditional conversational setup with a sofa and a couple of chairs, a square table is a great choice. It fits perfectly in the L-shaped nook of your sectional or the large space in the middle of your conversation area.

For those who live in a small space where every piece of furniture counts, think about opting for something round. It is also a good option to combine with a sectional sofa or a sofa with chaise longue, as it has a good "corner" shape, that is, it fits perfectly in a small corner of the space. Another important tip if space is at a premium or if your room is already occupied is to consider nesting tables.

Discover all our collections on Oak.Store and create your desired living room with our solid oak furniture available in natural and bleached color. Give a touch of Nordic style to your home and feel the warmth of wood.

Remember, come and visit us at the showroom in Barcelona y Madrid and check the quality of our European made furniture. 

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