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Elsa LUX NordicStory Collection

Real wood
Easy assembly
Wood care kit with all tables
Home delivery in mainland Spain
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NordicStory Solid oak TV stand "Elsa LUX" 159 x 44 x 61 cm.
From €1 .120,00 - €1.140,00
NordicStory Showcase with glass in solid oak "Elsa LUX" 64 x 44 x 195 cm.
From €1. 180,00 - €1.340,00
NordicStory Showcase with glass in solid oak "Elsa 2 LUX" 100 x 44 x 145 cm.
From €1 .680,00 - €1.740,00
NordicStory Showcase Cabinet with glass solid oak "Elsa 3 LUX" 150,2 x 44 x 145 cm.
From €2 .760,00 - €2.850,00
NordicStory "Elsa LUX" coffee table in solid oak 110 x 65 x 45 cm.
From €690 ,00 - €720,00
NordicStory Solid oak wall shelf "Elsa LUX" 140 x 26 x 35 cm.
From €280 ,00 - €290,00

One of its most important features is its drawing in some parts of the furniture in its most strategic and important areas, in particular laminates, which have a drawing with the technique of scraping, which nature lovers appreciate for our eyes, it is very nice.

With a very well finished and being able to appreciate the natural touch of the veins that most appeals to us in ecological furniture, you will not get tired of seeing its lines and reddish veins marked with its dynamism and subtlety that characterizes the Elsa Lux line.

The Elsa Lux collection furniture is assembled and delivered to your home ready to install

It is a purchase that you will never regret, for durability, its perfect fit in the environment, its clarity and at the same time elegance that compose it.

The storage of its products is very well distributed, it belongs to the best drawer opening system in the market, as well as the quality of its details.

Fully assembled.

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