NordicStory Extendable solid oak wood dining table "L2" 140-200 x 90 x 75 cm.

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Natural Oak
Bleached Oak
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Dining table L2 It has two proportional dimensions, since it is suitable for between 4 and 6 people closed, and 6-8 open, it has one of the most requested opening systems. Only one person can quickly and smoothly extend the table before the guests arrive. The additional sheet can be stored within easy reach of the table.


Materials: Solid Oak Wood.

Colors: Natural Oak and Bleached Oak.


Closed table: Length 140 cm X Width 90 cm X Height 75 cm. 

Open table: Length 200 cm X Width 90 cm X Height 75 cm. 

Weight: approx. 47 kg.

The extension sheet keeps inside the table.

Easy to open and close.

Easy and quick to assemble. No experience is required. All you have to do is ride legs.

100% ECO finish.  We use VOR-free BORMA WACHS ™ tung oil that does not emit any type of toxic particles. It guarantees the protection and durability of the wood, maintaining its texture and natural essence.

Made in Europe under strict FSC regulations (Forest Administration Council).

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Specifications and maintenance: Eco-friendly and easy to clean with a clean dry cloth. Avoid the use of aggressive chemicals.

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