LoftStory Solid Oak Wood Top for Dining Tables, Desks

€ 420,00

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Brand tables LoftStory It is handmade of solid natural oak wood. The thickness of all table tops is 4 cm across the entire surface. Two options are available for table edge processing: classic (straight) and slab (not straight, more authentic). The latter is not straight, but very authentic and natural. The back of the board has special pits for ventilation. This design guarantees the stability of the shape and the protection against deformation.


Material: Solid Oak Wood.

Board thickness: 4 centimetres.

Board Color: Natural oak.

Finish: 100% ECO with wax oil.


Length: 140 cm. Width: 70 cm. Weight: approx. 29 kg

Length: 140 cm. Width: 80 cm. Weight: approx. 30 kg

Length: 160 cm. Width: 80 cm. Weight: approx. 38 kg.

Length: 180 cm. Width: 90 cm. Weight: approx. 48 kg.

Length: 200 cm. Width: 90 cm. Weight: approx. 53 kg.

Length: 200 cm. Width: 100 cm. Weight: approx. 55 kg.

Made in Europe All products are produced in Europe under strict FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) regulations.

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Specifications and maintenance: Eco-friendly and easy to clean with a clean dry cloth. Avoid the use of aggressive chemicals.


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