Terms of delivery

Dear customers,
We seek to send the best service to our clients to guarantee delivery to the door of the building safely, punctually and comfortably. That is why we cooperate with the world leader in transportation companies TNT / FedEx for deliveries within Spain.
If you bought a table, chest of drawers or other heavy furniture, you can easily track it online at TNT.es. Simply enter the tracking number provided at the time of order fulfillment and you will receive all the information about the status of your shipment. Normally you receive the tracking number within 1 day after placing an order on the website. Delivery by mainland Spain takes 1 to 3 business days after receipt of the tracking number. The carrier will contact you in advance to arrange a delivery date. For this purpose, we transmit to the bearer the telephone number that you have given in your order.
But we know that anything can happen during delivery of your order and if you receive it in a damaged or broken box, feel free to declare it in the proof of delivery of the carrier TNT, you can also take some photos and refuse the shipment. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO VERIFY THE BOXES DELIVERED BEFORE SIGNING THE PROOF OF DELIVERY. If you see that the packaging has been damaged, please indicate "PENDING REVIEW FOR HIDDEN DAMAGES" on the proof of delivery. Then if you open the box and see that the furniture is broken or damaged, please take photos according to THIS GUIDE. Ayes We can claim the shipping insurance and send you a new piece of furniture or refund the purchase, you decide. If you signed the proof of delivery and declared that the products have been delivered in good condition and then make a claim for the delivery of the damaged or broken products, we will not be able to claim insurance and accept the damaged or broken products for replacement or refund.
Our shipping costs for Spain mainland are as follows:
Furniture from 5 to 24 kg: free delivery
from 25 to 39 kg: 30 EUR
from 40 to 69 kg: 50 EUR
70 and over: 90 EUR
Some products may have a 0 EUR shipping fee during promotional activities
Shipping to the Balearic Islands, Cruz de Tenerife, Ceuta and Melilla:
from 5 to 39 kg: 50 EUR
from 40 to 69 kg: 100 EUR
70 kg. and more: 200 EUR
0 EUR shipping fee never applies to these areas
All shipments to European Union countries are made by the transport company TDN - www.TDN.es. Delivery within the EU takes 7 to 14 business days.
Shipping to France, Germany and Portugal:
Furniture from 5 to 24 kg: 50 EUR
from 25 to 69 kg: 90 EUR
70 kg and more: 190 EUR
Shipping costs to other countries of European Union and Great Britain:
Furniture from 5 to 24 kg: 60 EUR
from 25 to 39 kg: 140 EUR
from 40 to 49 kg: 160 EUR
from 50 to 59 kg: 175 EUR
from 60 to 69 kg: 190 EUR
70 kg and more: 250 EUR
If you want your product to be delivered to:
las palmas
Melilla Santa
Tenerife cross
Please contact us loftstory@mansnetwork.eu and we will arrange the best shipping method for you.
We can only assemble furniture in Barcelona. The price is from 30 euros.