NordicStory Bookcase Solid oak wood bookcase "Escandi Design" 64 x 40 x 180 cm.


Natural Oak
Bleached Oak

Delivery in 9-12 weeks

Delivery in 9-12 weeks

Delivery in 9-12 weeks

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If what you want is a practical wall shelf with a Nordic design, our  Scandi Design it will be your best option. This piece, with up to five shelves, would fit perfectly in your living room, dining room, office or any space in your home. Ideal for light loads, such as books, decorative objects, flowers and etc. 


Makings: Solid oak wood.

Colors: Natural Oak and Bleached Oak.

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Size: Length 64 cm X Width 40 cm X Height 180 cm.

Weight: approx. 25 kg.

Easy and quick to assemble. 

100% ECO finish. We use tung oil. 

VOC free that does not emit any type of toxic particles. Guaranteeing the protection and durability of the wood, maintaining its texture, appearance and natural essence.

Made in Europe under strict FSC regulations (Forest Administration Council).

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Specifications and maintenance: Eco-friendly and easy to clean with a dry cloth. Avoid contact with aggressive chemicals.