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Black November Last weekend

Maria P.G.

Posted on November 26 2021

Black November Último fin de semana

Take advantage of our offers of Black November and come visit us at the showroom of Madrid y Barcelona on this last weekend of November and discover our exclusive offer. We have discounts on solid wood furniture to furnish your home: bedroom, living room, dining room.

En Oak Store you can buy quality furniture made of solid oak wood treated with tung oil

Dining Tables extensiblethem or fixed with different designs of legs and openings.  They will help you get a simple, practical and cozy meeting space. Undoubtedly, its strong point is its functionality: a design with simple and soft lines, easily adaptable to any environment and the extensible ones a good option for special occasions.


Nightstands or auxiliary tables in solid oak, perfect for adding a sophisticated look to your room. These tables are ideal for Nordic design bedrooms. Likewise, the softness of its tones allows it to be combined with any other style.

TV cabinet Minimalism turned into a television cabinet. A low cabinet, with light lines, resistant, stable and of high decorative value. This piece will allow you to house all the accessory devices of your television and image and sound material on its second shelf, with the bottom uncovered so that you can hide all the cables.

Desks they perfectly combine functionality and design with clean lines. They have drawers that allow you to store everything you need to work. The perfect finish of the oak wood, make each of the pieces a unique piece. Your ideal workplace!







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