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LoftStory X-shaped steel legs 70x72cm. / 80 x 72 cm.


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Set of 2 X Shaped Legs. Its elegant design in the shape of X it turns out perfector for any loft, industrial, rustic or Nordic style table or bench.



High strength steel and processed in a polymer chamber.

Profiles dimension: 8 cm x 4 cm.

Thickness: 1,5 millimetres.

Fixing points: 2 x 7.

Package content: 2 legs and installation kit with 3,5 x 40 mm screws to join the base of the legs.


70 x 72 cm. approx. 12.5 Kg.

80 x 72 cm. approx. 13 kg

Colors: Black White, Maple authentic, Red.

Made in Europe 

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