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NordicStory Extendable solid oak wood dining table "XL" 160-280 x 90 x 75 cm.

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Natural Oak
Bleached Oak

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Delivery in 3-4 weeks

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Oak is one of the most appreciated woods for its quality, so the extendable table XL, With its simple design, it will be one of those pieces of furniture that will remain in your home for life. You can use it folded (160 cm.) With space for between 4 and 6 people, or extend it with three additional pieces and stored under the lid, which will give you up to 280 cm of table, being able to accommodate up to 12 people. The mechanism of the German brand Poettker it moves smoothly thanks to the wheels on the legs.


Makings: Solid oak wood 

Colors: Natural Oak and Bleached Oak.

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Closed table: Length: 160 cm X Width 90 cm X Height 75 cm. 

Open table with 1 sheet: Length: 200 cm X Width 90 cm X Height 75 cm. 

Open table with 2 sheets: Length: 240 cm X Width 90 cm X Height 75 cm. 

Open table with 3 sheets: Length: 280 cm X Width 90 cm X Height 75 cm.

Weight: approx. 80,30 kg.

The extension blade is hidden inside the table.

The thickness of the extensions is 2 cm. The measurement from the floor to the downspout is 64 cm.

Easy to open and close.

Easy and quick to assemble. No experience is needed. All you have to do is mount the legs.

Finished with BIO oil.

Specifications and maintenance: Easy to clean with a soft or slightly damp cloth. Avoid contact with aggressive chemicals. Before using the tables, we recommend covering the worktop with wood wax, so that a thin layer of protection is formed against the absorption of liquids. All other furniture 1-2 times a year should be treated with tung oil to protect and moisturize the wood.

Made in Europe.

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