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Extendable solid wood table Which is better: round or rectangular?

Maria P.G.

Posted on December 03 2021

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Our dining tables have always led to a constant debate among people who prefer the extending tables and those that don't. Although there is nothing right or wrong when it comes to choosing furniture, we are here to guide you so you can make a better informed decision.

Space consumption

If space limitations are a factor, opt for an extendable dining table to make the most of a smaller space. There's also the question of whether round or rectangular tables take up more space, so it's best to consider this as well. The extending tables They consume less space to start with and can be easily extended when needed to accommodate more people, therefore, with regard to space efficiency, the extendable table emerges as the clear winner.

Intended purpose and multifunctionality

Due to the variety of shapes and sizes, it is important to identify your purpose before going ahead and selecting the right dining table for your home. You will have to buy the appropriate size according to the diners in your family. However, if you often host friends or guests, an extendable table can come in handy as it ensures that you are always prepared.

The shape of the table you choose also plays an important role and it comes down to the question, do round or rectangular tables take up more space? The roundtables They tend to accommodate more diners, as seating space will not be limited by corners and angles. A round table also brings the advantage of having more intimate gatherings, as everyone can see everyone else, and overall the setting feels more welcoming and intimate.

However, a rectangular table It can help make the most of a small living space by giving it the illusion of a break in the floor plan for greater definition and the ability to add a table next to it, should you need it for a large gathering. Therefore, an extendable table is the ideal type of table for a smaller home with less space to spare.


Space efficiency and multi-functionality may be important when choosing your ideal table, but ultimately the choice comes down to your budget and available table designs.

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