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Main advantages of solid oak furniture

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on Feb 22 2020

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Oak is durable, heavy, and light in color. It is one of the best woods for making furniture. If oak wood is bonded properly so that tension is distributed across the grain, a solid oak chair can last a century or more of everyday use. A table, wardrobe or chest it could last even longer, because they are not subject to the shelf forces that a chair must withstand while its occupant shifts its weight on it. Oak has a very thick and very pronounced grain pattern, which varies greatly depending on how it is cut relative to the growth rings.
Furniture made of oak is considerably more resistant than furniture made of other hard woods, such as pine, teak, mango etc. If you have an active family and the furniture wears out a lot at home, oak furniture is a good option, partly because they are not easily damaged.

In general, the advantages of oak are:

  • Oak is a very strong and durable wood with a beautiful and distinctive grain pattern.
  • It is very resistant to scratches, stains and dust and does not need regular cleaning and polishing like many other woods.
  • Less deformation than other types of wood
  • Easily accepts a wide variety of finishes
  • Very resistant to insects and fungi
  • Less likely to deform when exposed to sunlight
  • Good water resistance properties (especially white oak)
  • Very resistant to wear.

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