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How to make a narrow hallway appear wider

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted June 14 2020

Cómo hacer un pasillo estrecho aparecer mas ancho


First impressions count, and this extends to your home. You may want to give your hallway the wow factor - after all, it's the first thing guests see when they enter your home, but they find it cramped and feel cramped. This shouldn't stop you from creating a vibrant and welcoming space that reflects your personal style and provides many functions. With our expert advice, you can make your narrow hallway appear wider by making the best use of any space you have.


Do magic with mirrors

It's no secret that mirrors are amazing at creating the illusion of space when it's missing. It is also ideal for bouncing light around a room. In a narrow hallway, they can be a beautiful feature, and they're also useful for checking your hair before you go out.


Think minimally of your decoration

The worst thing you can do in a narrow hallway is put too much in it. Keep it minimalist and clutter-free. Use floating shelves if necessary to add interest, but as a general rule avoid putting things on both sides of the wall as this will only have negative effects in your hallway. Many fancy houses put ceiling-to-floor bookshelves along one side of the wall, and this is their only decoration, perfect for the bookworm in your home, but be careful not to add too many dark colors this way.

solid wood hallway furniture


What is a good color to paint a narrow hallway?

If you are wondering what colors make a hallway look wider, we always go for brighter neutrals to avoid a tunnel effect such as creams, ivories, soft grays, sea flowers or any other shade of this kind of shades. But this does not mean that your hallway has to be a colorless vacuum: it is better that you inject color in a more focused way, such as with houseplants, accessories or your painting.

Narrow hallway furniture

What do you put in a narrow hallway? You won't have room for many pieces, so make sure they have at least a dual purpose. Time to clean the cutter and invest in practical solutions storage.

Hall bench

Our range of benches it is really versatile. Strong and sturdy, they can be placed in the hallway to provide a raised seating area for putting shoes on. They also have storage space underneath - why not invest in some attractive baskets that you can make a feature of? They will fit perfectly. Plus, when needed, they can be easily transported to your dining room to make additional seating at your table.

Hall furniture for coats and shoes.

Full of character and a truly unique product, our customers love our hallways Wall racks y banks - shoemakers. Its compact design takes up less space than the coat stand or hall cabinet.

Hall furniture with drawers

Drawers are always useful in a hallway as they are the best way to stay organized and give everything a proper place. So when choosing any item for your hallway, think about it!

solid wood furniture

Narrow shoe storage aisle

Like our hallways but only the bank, our shoe stores They are hollow to prevent shoes from spreading around the house. This would be ideal for a hallway with a shorter ceiling or against a wall midway.

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